How do I work out my dpo???

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I know this sounds silly, but if I think I ov'd on the 28th March and my AF is due on 12th April. What dpo does this make me? Is it Would it be just 10 days? Sorry for the simple question but I keep working things differently.

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V xxx

(just shows a degree, post grad and masters doesn't help in the slightest when ttc - lol)


  • Hi,
    Yes you are 10 DPO. You normally OV 14 days before your AF is due. This can obviouly vary depending on how long your cycle is.
    eg- If you have a 28day cycle you would roughly ov around CD14 or if you have a 33 day cycle you would roughly ov around CD19.
    This is not always an exact science tho as some women find they can OV a little earlier or later.

    Lots of women actually get BFP at 10DPO but its always best to try and wait the 14 days if you can.x

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  • Ahh thanks Gemma, that eases my mind, I was thinking it can't be this simple. lol.

    thank you

    V xx
  • gemma your good at this quick question if my period was 12th March I ovulated according to OTK on 31st then when should I be due on my DH thinks tomorrow but im now thinking it must be the 14th?
  • if I have 2 peaks on my CBFM do i count dpo from after ist peak or 2nd peak? Thanks
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