what do u ladies think????

bit of history first ...

been trying now for 6 months.
periods used to be bang on then the last 4 months been coming on 3-5 days early
last month was convinced was preg then started a period that was very diff than norm get spotted then bit of blood and by day 3 stopped.
did preg test bfn

but im not due now to test til 16th
and today feel down rite awful so sick...
am tired.

trying not hold out hope as been so disapointed latley.


  • If was a light period hun that could have been a withdrawal bleed and not proper af. Have you tested again since? You could do another to put yoour mind at rest and if comes out as bfn then wait until after next af due to test again if she doesnt arrive. Good luck hun xx
  • did a test a few wks ago and got another bfn but not done any since.... not sure what do it a long time to wait til the 16th lol.... just so tired of bfn and been disapointed.

    thanx hun xx
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