Anyone on CD22 or there abouts?

Hiya, im on CD17 and feeling stressed as I want to test but know its far too soon but how can i occupy myself over the next few days! help girlies! lol xxx

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  • i hit my jumbo book of sudoku to entertain myself... only thing that took my mind off that fact i might or might not be pg... arghhhhhhhhh
  • Bless ya, I have plenty of uni work to do but that involves using the laptop which then leads to loggin on here lol

    Me and OH are thinking of setting a date for our wedding for next year but not sure if I should or not - ooooo whys life complicated lol xx
  • ooooooooooooh EXCITEMENT! i do love a good wedding image
    Mine seems so long ago lol, 5 months!

    Is it bad i went to the library and got a big book on baby info?
  • Me too, I went to one at the weekend and its got me in the mood lol I just worry whether or not I could afford it if I had a baby, or what if i ended up being pregnant on the day?

    What was your wedding like Rosemary, and no its not bad, my OH informed me that he once bought book of baby names as apparently it made ' a good read ' lol xxx
  • lol it is a good read i love it image

    it didnt buy it... so its ok!

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  • Aw hun your dress is gorgeous! where was the wedding it look very swish image xx
  • botleigh grange in southampton, where i had my prom so wanted to get married there as its so pretty outside.

    Wanna do it again image maybe i'll renew vows on my one year or something lol can so see why people do that!
  • Aw bless ya!! It does look gorgeous image xx
  • thanks lovely, i do love looking at the photos!

    I am getting ready to watch eastenders, how sad. Hate it when hubby does lates...! Have to find entertainment somewhere lol
  • lol, im watching Gavin and Stacey dvds while avoiding getting my work done - arrrgggghhh i cant do it, its too hard lol image xxx
  • I'm CD16 but don't think we've done it this month so strangely not even tempted to test early.

    Botleigh Grange is lovely hotel, used to attend quite a few conferences there.
  • we have the exact same cycle, im CD 18 today. but my last cyle was only 26 days so i only have till next sun to test!! obviously i will test before this :lol: but since i have only been off the pill for 2 months im not sure what my cycles will be like.
  • ooo a cycle buddy! I was going to test 1st of march but if you want a test buddy let me know lol (any excuse to test early!) thinking of testing tuesday anyway as someone got a BFP on CD22 - Only in first month of ttc so not getting my hopes up! xx
  • Afternoon ladies,

    i'm on CD20. i have my fingers crossed that this cycle will b as short as the last but as i've not noticed any ewcm yet i'm doubting it very much unless it's just gone astray this cycle????

    ooohh - all this talk of weddings - i love it. we got engaged Christmas day 08 and already i'm fed up of waiting to set a date.

  • I would love to do it this year but just dont think I have the money - boooo! I wanna test right now but its toooo early!! I never thought it would be this hard! xxxx
  • just changed title to CD18 X
  • I think I'm CD20 but got absolutely zero pma left so no temptation to test at all - nada

    sooo depressing, sorry to put a downer on your excitement but I think I'll be trying again next month!!

    Good luck to all you guys when you test! x
  • Ah no sunshine, why the low PMA, its not over till the AF makes an appearance so still some hopeimage xxx
  • CD 20 for me!! Willpower to everyone waiting!! x x x
  • still got about 5 days till i am roughly due... have a horrid feeling af is on her way though. xx
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