still no surge on ov stick but yet i shuld be ov-ing???

hi this is my first month of ttc, altho its nu,ber 3, i didnt ue ov sticks or anything last times, it just happened really wuick and didnt even know about stuff like this!

anyway...i have been using boots ov sticks, and i have a 35 day cycle, this is day 18, but according to all the ovulation calculator sites they say i should be ov-ing now, but the sticks are not saying that. so which do i go by??

im guessing the sticks since that is my pee, and not some internet calculator, but can they ever be wrong. it says poas same time every day, which i havent cause ive forgotten, ive done it mostly in evening and then today i did it at lunchtime, so u think this has affected it?x


  • hi i thanks im not sure about my lp, i have no clue when i ov, im just going by the standard or average or whatever on internet...just so i know, if i dont ov til a few dys time, then if we bd'd today then that covers us til then? we are kind of doing it every 2 days, or sometimes 3, but im obv anxious this is [rob the imprtant time lol
  • Hi hun

    Best to do OPKs with afternoon urine as better to detect the surge. I too have a 35-45 day cycle but am only CD15 today however I dont usually ov until around CD21.

    What lp have you got mine is around 16 days so if you are CD18 and have a 35 day cycle does that mean you have a lp of 17 days? if not then you could be testing a day or two early?

  • my af is always bang on 35 days, and has been since my youngest was born, and hes just turned two, so do u think this means i ov at the same time bang on too? or does it not work that way?
  • Am not sure hun, mine was 35 days, then went to 40 and more recently went to 45 so its hard for me to comment.

    LP differ from 14-19 days so unless you count days from OV to AF you wont know when to excpect AF if that makes sense only that it should be around CD35 if thats when you always get AF.

    Ov can be delayed due to stress etc but your lp always remains the same i think so if you know you ov late then you can expect af later.

    I would just keep doing what your doin and as long as you BD 2-3 days a week your bound to catch the egg. I got caught up in opks and it was stressing me out so have now stopped pin pointing ovulation for a few months and see what happens

    Good luck hun

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