Symptom Spotters Anonymous :lol:

My name's Rosa and I'm a symptom spotter. Welcome hahah
Continuing from CD15 thread but now we're all about testing time and pretending that we aren't ss I thought a new thread would be fun lol
I'm not die af until Sunday, though told hubby Sat so I could test a bit early image We've decided to test on Fri so I know if can have a bottle of wine (or 2) on Fri night as usual.
I've definitely noticed a few signs- namely the sore boobs and nausea from around 6dpo and woke today to almighty cold sore which I've only had when I'm pregnant. None of these are definite signs but enough to make me think might be in with a chance image
Not had anything in way of extra cm or cramps though that i've noticed


  • Hello Rosa, good name!

    Good luck for Friday!! Not long to go now

    I'll be testing next wednesday, have quite a short lp usually 11days, not really sure what the hell is going on this cycle as I have had spotting on and off since ov, sure it means I haven't got a hope in hell, but u never know!!!

    Good luck everyone xx
  • Hello Rosa, I'm not on the 2ww yet but will be keeping my fingers crossed for a BFP for you on fri image x
  • hey rosa, glad u got chance to make a new thread! ive got 15 minz brew time and relax then its bath, story bed time for my LO.
    Ive got no symptoms apart from being tierd!!!
    i will be testing next wed/thur.
  • Hey girls, I'm feeling really pants right now, my head feels like its going to explode I have such a headache, I'm really tired and feel bloated, gonna go for a bath and relax in front of the tv

    Oh and I feel like I'm going to cry, which I don't do that often......don't know what is wrong with me :\(

    Hope I'm feeling better tomorrow x

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  • I am another guilty party!!! Lol

    I think I am 6/7dpo but not too sure!!! Every little twinge has got ne thinking!!!
    I have had really random crampy pains and aches, had the tiniest kittle but of orange cm when I wiped the other day (sorry tmi ) have the met amount of cm ever, going to loo more too, oh and boobs are a kittle bit sire but only now and again and mostly at night!! I don't know if it's real or all in my head!!

    Prob won't test till friday next week at earliest as don't know actual ov date or lp so just waiting it out!!! Booo!!
  • Aww why don't you have a bath? I've just had a lovely soak and did me the world of good though think was a bit too hot cos had to get out, lie on the bed and text dude to ask him to 'bring me up a drink or I was gonna lie on his side of the bed with wet hair image '
    I'm with you on the tiredness- hadn\t realised it until dude said but I've been asleep by 930 all week. Then again we do have a 16month old who is up most days at 6am!
    I've been a bit weepy today but it's my own fault- I had a nosey at Due in May 10 forum cos it's coming up to my due date.
    That's the problem though with s.s isnt it? Most pregnancy symptoms are af symptoms too
  • I feel like I've got af cramps now!! I've still got at least a week till it's due!!! Grrr!!

    Damn symptoms confusing me and messing with my head!!
  • Oops I must've been writing my reply when you posted Mrs JC sorry.
    I don't think I've had any cramps- though if talking tmi, I haven't been very regular this week which has me feeling bit sore but probably totally unrelated but I admit, I'm not one these ladies who have ov pains, I'm bit oblivious I think lol
    Is that not a good sign re the tinged cm?
    Fingers crossed for you x
  • I think it is but I thought it would be pink or brown rather than orange!! Lol

    talking toilet I haven't really been much either!!
    With my son I never had any symptoms so this is all new to me!! He is 5 so I feel like a first timer again!!
  • I've had 2 babies in 16 months and I can't remember what I had for breakfast most days so I'm sure I'll have forgotten most of it too lol Actually I bet loads will have changed anyway by time have another lo. With dd I was told if I ate peanuts when pregnant it was up there with injecting heroin, less than a year later with ds the midwife said it's cool to eat nuts now, there's no problem. You'd go mad trying to remember it all!
    Anyway, I digress- back to your oopma lumpa cm. not sure i can think of anything that might cause orange cm other than too much Sunny Delight perhaps? lol Was prob just v light red.
    I'm in no way an expert anyway so feel free to ignore me image
  • Lol the oompa loompa!!! It may have been red or very light brown!!! Who knows!!!

    Really sorry for your loss must be sooo hard for you. My friend lost her baby in jan at 22 weeks preg and she is still finding it really hard. She can't have babies so has to have ivf and they have to pay so they can't even ttc again! They have a little girl who is 2 or 3 have forgotten!!

    When I was pg you couldn't eat any nuts! Also you could make up bottles in advance and now you can't!! How's that going to help at 3 in the morning!!! Duh!!

  • Oh don't - we were the stereotypical new parents with dd making bottles from scratch, sterlising everything and recently a few friends who're old hands at the parenting lark were laughing at how you're supposed to not make bottles in advance etc and how impractical it was. I just said nothing and made a mental note for next time lol
    Thank you for the kind words about my loss, it is hard and at times v fresh (though been 4 months so I guess it is still recent) but we decided to go ahead with trying for another- not as a replacement but because still want a sibling for our daughter. I thought I'd feel guilty for getting excited at prospect of having another baby but I don't as we'll always remember Casey regardless. That is assuming we're lucky to have another. We''ll have close monitoring to be sure same thing doesn't happen but it was a rare thing to happen once so twice would be v unlucky
  • mummychop- sorry to hear bout ur loss hun! i cant imagine what it was like for you!!!
    Im sending u 10000000's of baby dust!!
    well im still feeling tierd!!! but my lo did wake early up this morn!!! sumtimes he sleeps till 6ish sumtimes till 8!!!
  • Morning!!
    Def sore boob gate!!! Lol!! Not constant but def there!!! Lol!!

    I always feel tired!! Mix of late night and lo waking up at stupid o'clock!!!

  • Thanks xjen image I've grown quite fond of everyone here though don't want to stay too long so hope we all get to move to due in forum soon image
    JC that's a good sign for sure- try running up n down the stairs to see if there is a definite twinge that's what I've been doing lol
  • Well onto day 20 got stomach cramps and a blindng headache for the last 2 days, not sure if i ovd or not cos im not testing at all since on clomid but have got day 21 bloods tomorrow so will know more next week,
    Fingers crossed for some BFPs xx
  • I was running up stairs when I notices it!!! Ha ha!!!
    I know what you mean about moving!! It would be nice to have some one in due in that you "know" and have spoken too!!

  • I'm loving the name of this thread!!

    I'm Shirley and I'm a symptom spotter LOL ... excellent!

    Well after much cramping and pulling and crying, my "sympyoms" have settled down ... to the point where I thought I dreamt the pains!

    I just feel really tired today, and didn't want to get out of my pit this morning... and wan't to strangle 2 members of my staff (although that's not a rareity!)

    How you doin MrsJC ..we still on track to step away from the HPT's until next Friday?? I'm counting on you to hold me back LOL

    My heart goes out to you mummychop .. big squeezea coming your way!

    Sparkly babydust to us all.
  • I know mummychop wud be cool if we wer all pg at same time!! so fingers crossed i dont come on AF on the 20th!!!!! lol
  • Def on for next fri shirls!!!
    It's literally driving me crazy!!
    I ran across the road earlier and god my boobs hurt!!!

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