any planning experts??

we put a fence around our garden a cou[ple of years ago oblivious to the fact that we needed planning. We then got an eviction notice on this so put in for planning permission and it was refused on the grounds that we lived in a conservation area and it was over a metre high adjacent to a highway.

we took it down - grrrrrrrrr and didnt fight it as we had just mc and really couldnt deal with it.

now i think that because there are other fences in our road (they can have theirs because they have been there for more than 4 years!?!?!?!?!) and becasue they have just knocked down a row of old terraced house and put up flats and built a damn great asda almost next door to us we think that we could fight this decision if planning failed again.

can we also argue that we have a right to privacy and toby has a right to safety (we are on a main road and people walk past and throw things in the garden especially on a friday and sat night - we have even had knickers thrown in

any advice would be really great

thank you x x x
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