scared to see that BFN.....

heya all just wanted to rant and say how gutted i am if i test this weekend and i get a BFN as i feel i have all the symptoms of preg. Yet i know its easy to symptom spot when were all so desperate. Just feeling very low about the whole thing x


  • Here have some of my pma, mainly brought on by my VERY large glass of wine I'm having as af got me today.

    To be honest I can take a bfn better that just waiting for af, I feel better prepared if i've had an early bfn.
    Last month i didn't test, then af was one day late so i'd really got my hopes up and then seeing the blood really gutted me.
    So i'm gonna test 4 days early from now on and take that result as correct unless af is really late.
    Maxi xxx
  • I know how you both feel! I got my af today, only first month of trying for baby number2 but cant help but see it as a sign of things to come. I guess im being impatient. It took me 6 months with my first and feel like i will explode if i have to wait that long or longer again!! Just feeling those cramps coming yesterday put a downer on everthing. On ov days it feels like anything is possible and then when af comes it like a ton of bricks has got you! CHeerful aren't i? lol!!! Good luck anyway and here is to another month!
    Oh and goodluck kimd xx
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