Please can someone give me some advice.

bit of background first...
I am on my third cycles since I stopped the pill at start of Nov 09.
Cycle 1: 55 day
Cycle 2: 50 days.

This cycle I decided to test using OPK from when AF finished. so from day 8 i hav eused an opk every day. I got positives on days 22 and 23. I am currently CD 28 (5DPO) and I have had a little bleed . Its a littel sticky but only a small amount. Is this AF or could I hope more than anything that it might be implantation bleed. For the last 2 cycles I have had bad skin and period pains the week before AF came but nothing this time apart from the fact that my boobs feel fuller (no aching though!)

How much is there with implantation bleed? Does it vary or just a little bit and watery?
I would find it odd tha my cycles have jumped from 50 days to 28days?

I know no one really has the answers i am prob not pg but I would do llike to hope and here others experience.
Thanks for reading


  • I had this too on this cycle, but i used the withdrawal method so i don't think it was implantation for me but i am now 17dpo and no AF or BFP?

    It could be implantation, but having googled it i found it can also be a sign of ovulation, or hormones?! Which doesn't help really.

    The only thing you can do is wait till testing time hun! Really frustrating this ttc lark!!
  • I know. It makes me think tooo much. I hope you get yours x I have bought a CBFM in preperation for next month!
  • Are you asking me?

    We had to put off ttc this month :evil: but won't go into the reasons behind that again lol!! We used withdrawal (not very effective but it was the best compromise i could reach with OH)

    Waiting to start next month but AFs gone into hiding!
  • Sorry we must have been posting at the same time!

    I've brought a CBFM too image At least that way we can be sure when we ov'd!! Lets hope you don't need it eh!
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