Back for more!

Hi ladies,

Not sure if any of u remember me. I left the site in feb 09 after MC. I have PCOS and we have been TTC for 2 years now.

I am now back and ready to go again. We are off on our jollies at the begining of July and we are going to start trying again once we get bk, just thought id get myself bk into the swing of BE in advance lol.

Hope u are all well



  • welcome back chick,im still here if you remember me? everything crossed your only here for a short time xxx
  • Hi hun,

    Yes I remember you. How are things?
    Hoping i wont be here for long either but if last time is anything to go by then im going to get myself settled lol.

  • im good chick thanks still bloody here tho lol

    good to see you'z are ready to start ttc again xx not sure there are many of the 'oldies' left,there might be a few names on ltttc you'l recognise x
  • Hi Sweetie123,

    I'm back here again today for the the first time since feb, had a MMC at 14 weeks but AF arrived today and v excited to TTC again.

    Have a great hol and loadsa luck ttc! xx
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