Hurray!! CD1!!!

AF finally came today - am probably one of the only people pleased to see af! :lol:

Have been out of the running the last couple of months as I was too ill first month, then dh has been away for the last 3 weeks (longer than he thought he would be!) so missed ov completely. Hence why I'm glad af is here as was no chance in hell I was pg, and it means I can look ahead to ov this month properly!! image

Have to have another smear though :\( had one couple of weeks ago and had a letter through saying they didn't have enough cells collected to see them properly. It was my first one as well! I now have to wait 3 months until they want me to have it redone but I'd rather just get it out of the way! Never mind.

Anyway, CD 1 wahoo!!!! PMA!!!! x


  • woohoo! cd1! lol, ooo no i hate smears! ouchy! good luck xxxxx
  • When I was younger the thought of a smear terrified me. But then I fell pregnant...haha, the amount of people who look at you during pregnancy, then labour, and every afterwards!! Smears are a sinch, believe me!!

    I will spare you the details of my first 'exam' after my waters broke!!! image
  • yaaaay!! i am actually jealous!! lol!!

    i have my smear booked for thursday!! ugh!!!
    i truly think when you get pg any shred of dignity you have goes!!! lol!!

  • Definately MrsJC!! Wow, and to think we want another one!!

    Mind, once your dignity has gone what else is there?! image

    The worst bit was when I had to ring NHS direct at 38 weeks pregnant, only to be told (with lots of ums, errs and oohs) that they had no idea and to go to my gp. So got an emergency appointment...2 nurses, the midwife, 3 gps and finally a gynae consultant on the phone and they finally decided they thought me & baby were probably alright...really helpful at 38 weeks!!! Ahh, good times. Was worried sick with that one! Damn pregnancy! Loved every second of it though! image
  • woohoo - I'm just waiting for her to show up too, hopefully by the weekend... Funny thing is last night my "sisters" hurt so much, like I was pregs again, but I can't be unless immaculate conception happend twice which I doubt :roll:
    DH has been away for almost 4 weeks but home on Thursday morning :\)

    Maybe you'll be pregs in 3 months and they won't be able to do a smear!! ;\)

    mrsJC - the funny thing is, you lose all dignity esp. when in labour, but you also don't care, do you?? image All I could think about was getting the baby OUT!

    GL with the smears ladies - I'm going to the docs next week to get results of my blood tests for my annual but so far she hasn't brought up the subject of smear - I'm hoping she forgot!

  • You're right about the labuor frillypink, you really dont care how many people are there staring at you, so long as the baby comes out and the pain stops!!

    I went through labour with a TENs machine and gas & air, but the TENs machine stopped working towards the end and had to be taken off me, and when they said I was 10cm the gas & air was taken off me as well!!! image evil people!!!

    Hardest part was my contractions suddenly stopped, so I had to just push and hope for the best!! Was no way I was going to get sliced open in theatre! So I didn't even tell them, which was very naughty of me image

    And fingers are crossed I'll be pregnant by then so no smear image
    Hope your af comes soon fp! x
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