Well back onto CD1 today. Now onto cycle 2 of TTC but am sitting at home feeling really sorry for myself. Get really bad periods with bad stomach and very bad pains so came home from work sick this morning. Then made the mistake of watching 16 and pregnant. Trouble is I had convinced myself that I was pregnant, had been spotting (but differently from normal) for a week plus a few other 'symptoms' and due to my irregular periods I was under the impression that I wasn't due on till friday. Don't know why I believed it could have happened this month after all it would be a miracle if it had happened in the first month. so now really annoyed at myself. Decided that I'm going to be more relaxed this month so am going to avoid coming on here so regularly (well after this post ha ha) not going to count days and just wait and see what happens because I don't know if I can go through such disappointment every month. Need to get back to reality.
So I guess I just wanted to say thanks for all the great advise and support you've all given me over the last few weeks, I've really appreciated it.
Good luck to you all and hope you all get your BFP's soon.


  • hiya hun, sorry ur feeling low sweetie, i was like that for the first 4 months of ttc drove me crazy! lol. so this month (5) i have not counted days and tried to chill and im sooo much more chilled out so i would defo recommmend relaxing and not counting the days and hopefully u wont get so upset. hugs xxxxx

    ps i love 16 and pregnant but annoys me so much all at the same time lol x
  • ahhh hun, i no what you mean, i feel exactly the same, i have no children and would so love a baby, we are on our third month of trying now, i no this website is great i think but when u dont get ur BFP u feel so down when u read abouth others, however...look on the brightside, at least there is a good place to find likeminded people like ourselves to discuss such things image, i thought i was the only one like me lol but im not!...plus we can go all through it together, sometimes our partners/husbands will not understand entirely what we feeling...but other women will! image i hope that helps, ...when u want something so bad its easy to conivnce urself its happening...it might be..it has to be with all the symptoms etc....it doesnt makeus stupid or strange.....
    it makes us human, n maternal, n loving xx im sure u will get ur BFP...n all the other ladies n me hehe soon!!....16 n pregnant drives me nuts too!! xx
  • Awww try not to get too disheartened pet! Every month we didn't get our BFP I convinced myself it was never going to happen but then month 5 turned out to be the lucky one for us - 5 is my lucky number too! Fingers crossed you don't have too long to wait! xx
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