Temperature Chart

Hi ladies,

I've not been on for a while so catching up with everyone tonight. Unfortunately the witch got me last week, finally, and after various HPTs, on CD39. I did have every pregnancy symptom under the sun so do feel as though at least I won't get my hopes up next time. I bought myself a thermometer and have been taking my temps each morning, however the chart I have is in farenheight whereas the thermometer is celsius - does anybody have a chart they could send me?

I'm assuming I'm looking for peaks in my Temp to show when ovulation is happening? I also have ovulation tests but never got a positive last month (although I ran out at CD21 and based on a 39 day cycle guessing I must have ovulated around CD24/25 - no bding from CD21 either so there lies the problem!!

Sorry for rambling.

Thanks in adavance for any advice.

Claire x


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