Digital Ovulation Stick Question....

Hello, this is our first month ttc and I have been using the Clear Blue digital ovulation sticks. On Sunday I had my first smiley face, which was on day 14 of my cycle, I then had another smiley face yesterday and again today?! I thought the LH surge was only meant to last for 24-36 hours, but mine has been for three days. Has this happened to anyone else? :\?


  • Didn't want to R& R but I can't help as I haven't used one!! Sorry - hopefully someone can answer now I have bumped this to the top!
  • Thanks anyway Immense!
    Maybe I am just super duper ovulating so have a huuuge DH surge!
  • maybe??!! I know it can happen anytime before and after - but not actually how long surge lasts - i'll see if I can find anything for you!!
  • Found this on a site

    Q: I had a positive LH surge, but tested again the following day anyway. It was positive again! What does that mean?

    A: This isn't a problem. You may have caught your surge on its way up and on the way down. It is more common to only get one day of positive testing, but it is not uncommon to have two days of a positive tests. Even three days isn't uncommon, but it is worth consulting a doctor in case you have high LH levels.

    if you want the link here it is
  • hi

    i had a smiley for three days the first time i used them. Last month a smiley for 2 days and the same again this month.
  • Thanks for this, at least I know its all a bit variable. God Im starting to think about things way too much already and this is only our first month of ttc, doesnt bode well! x
  • I was the same last month (i'm on cycle 2!) - I was noticing and querying everything!! I have somehow chilled a bit this month though as i know I had every symptom going last month and don't want to read too much into anything!!
  • I only tested again after having a smiley face the first month 2 see what happened and just got 2 days of smileys. Then I just tested until the 1st smile to save the sticks!!! (and the money!!!) Just wondering thogh when you start counting your 1dpo from. From the 1st smiley face or the first negative after the smileys??
    Am feeling a bit confused about it now!!!
  • Hmmm Im not sure when to count dpo, I thought I would be ovulating today but got another smiley so maybe itll be tomorrow. I think your right not to test more than once after getting your first smiley, those seven sticks go very quickly!! x
  • I am confused about the dpo aswell - have no clue when to count from image
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