Loosing my mind!

Hello every1,

I dont tend to post much on here but I do find lots of useful bits that helps me through! Im SOO fed up at the moment, I just want my AF - I know I shouldnt but I want my cycles to get regular because I came off the pill in Feb and last had an AF in March.
Ive got the most awful spots at the moe and major mood swings! I swear I am putting on weight too. I dunno whether I should go and see the doc and see if I can kick start my AF!
Can I do that? Should I just wait for my natural cycle to happen?
To make matters worse my DH has got big brother on!!!! argh!!!!
:roll: xxx


  • Have you tested at all hunny ?
  • I tested over 2 weeks ago and it was negative! I was starting to wonder but I hadnt had any implantation bleeding or anything! x
  • Don't forget girls you OV before you get an AF so technically your fertility returns before you'll know by AF arriving. What I'm saying is if AF doesn't arrive it could mean you are pregnant and I would say if you get any preg symptoms at all I'd test again.
    Best of luck xxx
  • Hi Mel_C, some women don't get any implantation symptoms. I think you should test again. xx
  • I think you should test too!! if you had first AF 1 mth after stopping pill and now nothing for 3mths - it is worth a try, and then if BFN go to docs!! Some women have not had BFP on stick until between 8 and 14 weeks of getting PG, but had it confirmed by blood test / scans at docs!!


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  • Thanx ladies for all your advice, I appreciate it. I think I might hold out until this weekend and then try another HPT. When I got home from work today a lady who had obviously got the wrong number had left us an answerphone msg to say she hadnt heard anything about her 20 week scan - I was like its a sign! lol! cant help it.
    Wow pinkgirl! 2 years, I take my hat off to you! I think I wouldnt have any hair left, Im bad enough as it is at the moe! xx
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