Good morning Ladies my other half thinks i'm getting PND again as my hormones are allover the place although i've been given the all clear since Jan. I've been crying on and off for 2 days, we've been trying for a baby for 3 months now which I know isn't a long time but it's still disheartening when the witch visits, It's 7 days till i'm due on again. just wondering what your thoughts are on my hormone inbalance xx


  • i had pnd after having ds. id had depression before this aswell so i knew the signs. do YOU feel its your pnd?? try remembering how u started feeling when u first got it. i get quite teary and emotional the week leading up to my period so might be same for u?? only after having ds have i been emotional before af. its easy for someone eldse to look in on u being upset and assume when you have had it before, but only u can really know whether your just having a difficult time or whether its something more. keep your chin up image hope this helps a little bit xxx
  • i'm usually quite short/emotional the day befor my period, i'm hoping it's just the emotions of trying and failing. just need to find something positive to latch onto xx thank you having some1 to talk to is a huge help.
  • no problem. me and oh are trying for number 2, we are kinda just seeing how things go, but ive wanted this since my ds was about a year (hes now 2) and its 2nd month of trying. i just want it so much that im getting really down about it and wondering why its not happening straight away. been feelin sick and dizzy last few days, did a test today and it was bfn which i knew it would be, im not due on for another 10 days. Im so impatient lol x
  • sounds like me my daughter was 2 last week and i've wanted one since she was one. but i think and feel the same. took 2 months to catch with her straight after coming off the pill this time i've been off it since Jan and thought it would happen straight away.
  • i really hope it happens soon for u image x
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