Think we are out this month!

Been looking at my dates and stuff and don't think we will manage anything this month. Hubby is away from Monday until Thursday evening next week and I am pretty sure that is smack bang when I am due to ovulate. I can't be sure for certain though because of different cycle lengths. He's agreed for me to use an OPK this month just so we know for sure (he didn't know I used one last month)...

Bit sad, but nothing we can do... work calls doesn't it!



  • Hiya, it's total sod's law isn't it? I got my positive opk on Sunday and we bd'd that night but then was planning to bd the next two nights as well and oh had some family problems that he needed to go and sort out so he wasn't around.

    If you bd just before your hubby goes and then as soon as he gets back you might just catch it because they say sperm can survive for up to 5 days in the right conditions. Good luck! xx
  • monday morning... its the way forward
    Good luck Mrs Joo
  • I thought that too - defo Monday morning! FAB way to start the week. I'll jump him the minute he's back on Thursday too!!!

    I could always store some in a cup???


    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  • Unfortunately it dies within less than an hour outside the body, so has to get inside you asap!!
  • Good luck for Monday morning!!!! I'm sure your oh will like your way of saying goodbye.
  • keep up the PMA, you still have as good a chance as any month. dont give up hope so soon you might ov earlier or later than you think x
  • just wanted to say good luck bd as much as you can b4 he goes and the second he gets back fingers crossed for you xxx
  • SB - you're right, but I did the online thingys and it said my ovulation dates were from 29th to 5th May (I think). My cycle is quite short at 26-days so I'm thinking I'll ovulate earlier?
    I don't know, I could be wrong, I'm def. not an expert on this baby making stuff!
    I'd love to be wrong!!!
    I suppose we can only try and I'll see what the OPK says...

  • JOO!!!!!!! Soz have just logged on Hun! Well I think if you go for it b4 he goes & when he gets back your still in with a good chance. I can't rember who it was last month who only bded twice and got a BFP, so it us possible!
    Get the Baster out Joo!!!
  • Im same as you mrs joo, hubby always away mon-thur so it very difficult for us!!! Thats why i think were on month 5 and soon month 6 to my reckoning!! x
  • Hi Mrs Joo - don't give up. You may still catch it. xxx
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