I have switched to decaf but is this enough or should I stop drinking it completely. I do drink more than i should!


  • Hey decaf is fine - its the caffeine not the coffee.
    They say that up to 3 cups of coffee is fine image I have managed to cut down to 2 normal cups of tea and just 1 decaf a day. Go me!LOL.
  • im a tea drinker, but have switched on twinings english breakfast decaf.

    I make giant pots of tea and just trip back and forth all day long!! At least you can get used to it now!

  • Oh Lord!! is that all. I am on about 5/6 a day! Right that is my task. I will be only on 3 a day this week. I would love to find a different tea that I like (not a fan of normal tea!)
  • hehe OMG i have a cousin like you!! She has extra expresso shots in everything....a sniff of coffee and im high!

  • I don't like high amounts of caffine anyway - actually makes me shake! I drink redbush tea, I prefer it to normal tea now!
    Poor hubby had just bought an espresso/latte maker, and then I gave up coffee! lol! xxx
  • MrsMel I used to have about 6 cups of coffee a day at work and last month decided to start drinking decaf. I didn't totally cut normal coffee out but cut down lots, just had a normal coffee first thing then decaf or hot water with a little orange squash. Anyway I got my BFP last week, not sure if it is connected but it could have helped image good luck xx
  • i drink tea all day long when im not working so started decaf and redbush. not really findind it any different which is good. the only thing that was the piercing headache i had when i stopped but feel fine
  • I usually drink tea all day long at work (around 7 or 8 cups!), but yesterday I bought decaf tea bags so am switching to that. I also drink diet coke quite alot at home so have switched to caffeine free aswell..hope that makes a difference!
  • Mrsmel: have you ever heard of teapigs?! They're a funky company which do about 40 different flavours of tea, berry, chocolate, green,chai... Allsorts! I'm completely addicted to their mint tea... Real peppermint flavour, not plasticy like many others out there. You should google them and get some to sample! Guarenteed you'll enjoy them! Let me know! X
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