Bleeding Help?

Hi im new on this board, im trying to conceive and the first day of my last af was 15 june so according to that i should be due to ovulate today .The only thing is ive just noticed ive had some light bleeding , i really dont understand it . My periods arnt regular because im still breastfeeding my 8 month old dd but surely its to soon for another af ?. also ive been feeling really rough the past couple of days ..really tired and head achy . can anyone shed any light on whats going on ?


  • hello hayleyhayward28. I dont mean to be naive but i was under the impression taht if you were breastfeeding your chances of conceiving were much lower anyway and this is maybe what would be causing the unpredictable cycle? xx
  • Yes it does cause an unpredictable cycle but the bit i dont understand is why i am spotting when im roughly due to ovulate iyswim .
  • It is rare, but some experience spotting during ov. If it continues though I would go and see your gp. xx
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