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CM Question

hey girls,

just wondering if anyone has experienced (tmi) yellow thick and very stretchy CM?? i had this when going to the loo for a pee yesterday, and it was really long! (sorry tmi) not sure 100% on ov dates, think i'm at 9-10 dpo and i've got some very mild cramps.

no idea when AF is due, on CD 38 lol

anyone had this before??

thanks xx


  • hmm I seem to remember experiencing this when pregnant with my daughter. Maybe this is your month but I don't know. I remember asking the doctor if it was ok and he said yes. Thats all I know. Test test test!
  • I have had that ewcm for the last 1 wk and i just got my BFP

  • thanks girls! okay, sounds promising.. don't wanna get too crazy excited thou lol.

    all i've noticed are light cramping, yellow and ewcm everytime i (tmi) wipe, and tonight i've had the occassional very sharp pain in the bottom of my bum, like in my back, happened about 3 times?? and boobs a tiny bit sore.

  • So my theory is sound then, I thought so. I am so naughty encouraging Issy to test I shouldn't be so naughty. I am encouraging others to be test addicts like myself.

    Actually I am thinking maybe its more a gambling addiction you know instead of the jackpot though its a bfp lol.
  • lol.. i totally agree.. i'm doing it behind hubbys back (but he said he secrectly knows i'm a poas addict lol)

    i last tested yesterday with a poundland test lol.. bfn, got a 10miu for tomorrow so hopefully it might be .. xx
  • i tested with ebay cheepie the
    y supposed to be same, yest and BFN tested this eve and BFP
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