the obsession has now become noticable !! lol x

Hi girls, thought i was being quite laid back and holding back with the excitment of ttc and being pg again with oh, but obviously not!! He came in today and said he had a film for me to watch... nice thought.. so i asked what it was he said its called Miss Conception! all he knows is its about a women who gives herself a deadline of getting pg in a month or something? Probably nothing like that but he said it would suit me down to the ground with the title , , i think he must have noticed that i have become slightly obsessed with the whole thing, also i dont know if he was trying to shut me up (must be driving him mad without realizing) he asked if we called call him! george if and when after his dad? he never ceases to amaze me xx

hope you are all well babydust to all xxxxxxxxxxxxx:\) :\)


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