TTC Diary

Does anyone here keep a ttc diary? I have got myself a little book and i was going to write all my dates into it and when i get cramps etc and see if patterns start forming.

Does anyone else do this and if so, what do they chart in it?

xx :\)


  • I think this is a fab idea, its something i wished that i had started 5mths ago!! Write down everything, any aches, pains weird feelings basically anything that you notice. Good luck hun i really hope it helps you to get your bfp. xxx
  • You can do all that online at or, and it will predict when you are going to ovulate.
  • i made myself a diary on excel and have been doing it for last 3 cycles. I chart on it when i ov aches and pains, ewcm, tiredness etc. Mostly to compare month to month so i can tell my irritating brain that the 'symptoms' i am feeling were the same as last month so to not get hopes up too much and therefore reduce disappointment! :lol:
    I also like filling in little boxes. image
  • hya i havnt got a diary but i think its a great idea and i think i might start it i have a lil calender wif my period dates coloured in red and my ov dates coloured in blue .. i am goin 2 gt a little pad and start writin things down keepin it from oh as he wil think av cracked lol x
  • i've made myself one on excel as i'm an excel freak (spend all day working on it anyway!), just trying to fine tune it though as it's the first time i've done it - i did a very simple one last time. i keep adding rows of more symptoms to spot!
  • I have a cute kitten notepad that I chart everything in to see if there is a pattern!
  • I kept a diary whilst ttc and it really helped me get my bfp. I still keep a diary now that Im pg.
  • Seems like this diary is a good thing - will def keep it up i think. I like the idea of having the book next to my folic acid tablets and i can fill it out every evening when i get in from work!!

  • oooo do it in fertility friend instead. it's amazing, you can put everything in it, temps, opk, cbm, cm, cramps, meds, headaches, bloated feeling, mood, sex drive, just about anything you can think of, and also add in extra things if what you're charting doesn't fit. then it will tell you what your signs mean when compared to all the other charts online (hundreds of thousands of them) and makes up lots of lovely little coloured graphs and charts. you can see charts of people who got pg and compare your chart to theirs for all of the things you've put in. really I could spend hours on it! it's even better than doing your own charts in excel!!!!!!! (and it's free - well you get all features for 30 days free, then you get most things free but you'd have to pay for some things - I think it's $40 or so for a year, but I'm still on 30 day free trial so I'm not sure).
  • I have thick day-to-page diary where I write down everything. For ttc I note my cervix position, changes in cm & tick that I have taken my pregnacare at the bottom. At the top I note the CD and put a red dot if on af. I also write down when I estimate I will ov and af due. Im complety in my element as I love being organised. I used to jot down every single symptom but now I dont as it just gave me false hope and I used to think about it all far too much xx
  • I have just started doing this, this cycle. I have a word document that im using and i'm writing in it every day so far. I'm thinking it will be nice to read back on when I get my BFP too.
  • I've also started noting everything down, am also an organisational freak and love making lists. This fertility friend site sounds like it would suit me to a tee, might have to go and take a look.

    At the moment I'm just noting how I feel and whether there are any kind of symptoms, I don't think I've ever paid this much attention to what my body is doing before.
  • Im going to have a look at the fertility friend website today and do that alongside my diary. Brought it into work today as i have finally got my af! i can officially start trying now! cd1!!!
  • that's great news! good luck and babydust XX
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