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Need your help!

Hi, im wondering when to do a test, my cycle is between 28-31 days, and i am currently on day 26. Ive had real bad cramping for 4 days now, and what feels like a stitch on my left side low down. My boobs are really heavy too. I duno what to do as dont wana be disappointed but the waits driving me crazy!!! xxx


  • hi.
    if you want to do a test, then do it, but dont get your hopes up, convince yourself its a BFN, and then if a BFP arrives then WOOHOO! But if not, then you can alway try when AF is due/late, ovbiously, still to early!
    Just dont get your hopes up.
    Let me know how you get on.
    Good luck XX lots of baby dust to you! XX

    Im still getting a faint positive. still hasnt sunk in yet. its strange!
  • Hi

    why don't you do a 4 days early test? I've had the strange stitch pain also dont know what is? Good luck honey i got everything crossed for you. xx
  • Thanks hun, im getting really impatient, u can get the early tests cant u, but i know i shud wait till im late which at the latest will be sunday, thats the prob when ur cycles are in between i got 4 extra days to potentially wait!!! God this is stressing me out, just think im u last wk!!! so happy for u tho hun, u wont believe it to ur scan, i didnt, just feels weird that ur growing a baby when u feel fine isnt it!! xxx
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