Water infection??

Hi Girls,
Can a water infection affect the result of Pregnancy test? :\?


  • Yes it can - any traces of blood in the urine can cause a false positive on a preg test. Best thing is to either wait til the UTI has cleared up then test again, or go to your docs and have a blood test to see whether you're pregnant or not.

    Hope your UTI goes away soon and you get your BFP! x
  • Well i'm late for my period boobs swollen and peeing alot but no positive result . wondered if it was a water infection and that was causing a neg result image
  • It could be a BFP that isn't showing yet - some pregnancies don't give off enough hormone. How late are you if you don't mind me asking?

    If you had a UTI it would hurt to pee (I speak from experience!), so if you don't have that I can't imagine it would be a UTI.

    Your symptoms sound good though; get a first response and test again in a couple of days, first thing in the morning. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you hon and hope you get that BFP - just keep the PMA alive, it's not over til the witch arrives! x
  • Oh lol the witch!!
    first day of my last period 15th jan so at least a week, tried Boots test and Clearblue digital.
    No it doesn't hurt when i pee just feel like i need to go every 20 mins.
    Are first response better?
    Thanks for your advice Garfield xx
  • Hey, any help I can give you I will!

    First response is much more sensitive than clear blue, and if you test with your first pee of the day the hormone is much more concentrated than at any other time of the day.

    Other than that I'm afraid its a waiting game, but I'm here if you have any other questions or need a chat! My fingers will remain crossed as well :\)
  • Thank you xx
  • Hi Hon, was just wondering if you'd tested again?
    My fingers are still crossed for you and that BFP!

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