Could this be it? due af today still no sign!!!

Well Im actually due af today. But so far no sign. I have been off the pill now for 4 cycles and every over month I have got up with full on af on the morning of day 28. My cycles have been very regular It could just be delayed! So im not counting all my chickens! I have told myself I wont test until Im late so Im going to wait til friday if af doesnt arrive.

Symptoms On saturday 10 days past ov I had af type pains when I woke up.
Sunday I had a realy sore pain in my left side for almost the full day
Monday I had like shooting pains down below and Iv also had them today.
Wednesday (today) I had a thumping headache and sick feeling in my stomach

Im not going to get my hopes up though as I have had alot of bad news recently.:\?

Lots of baby dust to you all


  • im due 2mz and if i wake up and its not here im testing anyway...i cant wait!!! goodluck
  • good luck honey it does sound promising especially when your so regular!
  • sobroodynow it sounds very promising! make sure you update us on friday!

    good luck melissa as well xxxx
  • It does sound promising sbn, especially as you have been so regular. Good luck Friday, hope you join the July bfp club! xx
  • Oh it does sound good! Fingers crossed!!!
  • I still have no af I woke up this morning with a dull ache in my left side. Im feeling so tired today and a bit sickly.

    Im struggling to wait until tomorrow but I have promised my other half so I will test first thing tomorrow morning if no af arrives by then

    Thank you for all your pma.

    Baby dust to everyone
  • ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh good luck hunni! Ill be looking for your post! Hope you get a BFP! XXXX
  • Good luck have my fingers crossed for you!!!! ;\)

  • good luck sobroodynow, i too have been having the funny shooting pains down below not experienced them before, so don`t know if its a sign or not, am not really a symptom spotter prefer to just see if af arrives or not, as don`t like to get too stressed over the ttc situation!!

    so it will be interesting to know if you get your bfp, will check on here tomorrow xx
  • For the past 3 months my cycle has been 28 days,but last month it was 30 days,so i obviously got my hopes up thinkng i had got my bfp,but she turned up 2 days later! I'm on day 28 today and af hasn't turned up again,but i am going to wait until sunday morning to test as i don't want to waste another test!!
    Good luck to all that are testing,fingers crossed! xx
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