today is cd29

and i wasnt woken by the witch to make it cd1 :lol:
I am sure she will meet me through a very busy day and i havent tested image yey for me image

Good Luck to every one Due AF today hope she stays away from you all

Merry Christmas To EveryOne xxx

Love Gem&MyBoy


  • Glad to hear AF hasn't arrived! Keep up the PMA xx
  • Keep going hun, Last time I didn't get my BFP until CD34 after having a BFN on CD30 on 28 day cycle!

    You never know

  • It's got to be your month!!! Good luck xx
  • Fingers crossed for you gembags!
  • ahhh gembags - it's all sounding a bit promising isn't it. Good on you for not testing yet! fingers crossed for a xmas bfp for you after all

    PP84 x
  • oh my gosh gembags... its not over till the fat lady sings remember
  • image image image Still Nothing image image

    Got to share TMI but i went loo as i thought had come and it was LOTS OF EWCM

    I dont feel like AF is Coming but i dont feel like the other times i had a pos test.
    Not getting my hopes up just acting normal image image image well i am a tiny bit excited :lol:

    I have had 3 bfp's over the time and all between 7/9dpo surly it would show up
    gems x
  • ooo sounds very promising hun! really hope you get your bfp!! I take it your testing tomorrow hun? how lovely would that be, seeing that second line appear on Christmas morning...aww I'm getting slightly jealous now :lol:

    Fingers crossed really really tightly for you!! xx
  • in the morning as i will be drinking xmas night and wouldnt want to drink to much if there is a chance x
  • Hey sweet glad to here AF has not arrived yet not to get your hopes up but the month i got my BFP i had lots of EWCM so hope its a good sign for you babe x x x x Good luck with testing tomo hope santa brings u everything you want merry christmas babe x x x x
  • today my cd29 too, but spotting and bfn today image good luck to everyone else and merry xmas xxx
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