The witch got me :(

Well was pretty sure we had done it this month, had been having a few symptoms and spotting which i thought was implantation cause was around the right time.
But yday woke up feeling crappy, was 14DPO and thought maybe its sickness but nope the witch come and with revenge!!
Have had bad cramping all yday and today which is horrible, not very good when you work with reception age children all day who jump all over you lol.
Got really upset yday and felt sorry for myself.

But we hoping this will be our month as the day i test will be OH 21st birthday, what a fab prezzie that would be image
Thinking of having a little time off here and just relaxing, i've heard that reflexology was good and am thinking of trying it out, anyone got any tips for me as i have no idea how to approach getting it done or what i would say!?!

Good luck too all you other ladies, lets hope we get our BFP soon image

xx emma xx


  • Sorry it didn't happen for you this month, i'm the same been cramping and really bloated all day so just waiting for af now.
    Not got any advice sorry just wanted to wish you luck for next month x
  • Sorry she got you, it doesn't get any easier each month does it?

    Don't know about the reflexology, sorry, but have heard it can help - I just try to make a conscious effort to relax, wind down and have some 'me time' now.

    Hannah xx
  • Hi Em-Lou,
    Sorry to hear AF came, she is a witch! How long have you been trying? (If you don't mind me asking - what was the spotting like?) xx
  • Me too. I am on CD2 and have my third reflexology session tomorrow. The therepist says that it is most effective on days 1-5 of your period. I love it. I am just starting month 4 of ttc and this time was gutted as I had convinced myself I had done it but my LP was only 7 days. I came off the pill in Nov 09 and so it cant be that. I must just be broken!!!!!
    Felt like crap yesterday and was the worst teacher in the world to my poor class.
    I have bought vitamin B6 today as i have heard this is meant to help lengthen your Lp but just feel crap in general at the moment so I can sympathise as can many others on here
  • Sorry to hear your af came along, good luck for next month xx
  • sorry it's not your month... Fingers crossed next month is the one....

  • know how u feel hun, my af arrived today, a week earlier so a bit gutted, so hopefully next month we will be getting our bfp xx
  • Sorry she got you Em_Lou, me too and I'm already on CD7 so hopefully this month will go quickly for us both.

    MrsMel my luteal phase has been short too at just 7/8 days and last month I took 50mg of B6 daily and it increased by 3 days to 10/11 which is what it was when we conceived our ds.

    I'm obviously not pregnant but am carrying on taking it and hoping month 7 will be lucky x
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