symptoms of pregnancy.

hi everyone. wasnt intending to post tonight was just reading recent posts as not been on a while . however there is a familiar thread through a lot of them at the mo and just wanted to offer a bit of hope to those about to test. a lot of people are saying that they are sure they are about to get there af anytime so not hopeful. well when i was expecting my son that feeling was probably my biggest pregnancy symptom!!!!! had that horrible bloated, achey imminent feeling for days around time af was due but six days late i got a bfn!!!! feeling like you are about to come on is a well known symptom and pretty much the only one i had. Still remember looking down into the toilet every time i went expecting the worst. Just wanted to tell everyone not to count themselves out just yet!!!!
p.s i was due on wed and nothing yet but af irregular still. fingers crossed!!!!!!!!
love rebecca


  • Yes thanx rebecca very helpful.
    I found out I was pg at 5 weeks and had bloating, mood swings, pains and i suppose it did feel like af was iminent.
    Ttc 2nd baby and Im now 6days late and had 2 bfn so im hoping that maybe i am pg its just that i wont get pos til monday! So ill be testing tues if no af. x
  • I just wish she wud show up for me now so i can have a glass of wine!! Dont want to have one just in case i might be! x
  • With first baby had no morning sickness, no really sore boobs. So don't know whether to expect the same this time or not when i fall. Keeping fingers crossed for this month. Babydust to all. Filo x
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