Unusual amounts of ewcm! Help please!

Hi ladies am currently not ttc - gotta wait till Dec - will be back then!

But I was just wondering if you could help - I often get mild pains and ewcm during ov however this month there has been a shocking amount of ewcm even df has commented Plus am getting really bad pains - backache, cramping and stretching down in my cervix. If this was usual for me then I wouldn't bat an eye at it but it's not usual which is why I'm questioning it!

Any thoughts?

Thank you in advance!

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  • hey chick i cant totally help but i do get odd amounts of EWCM some months,certain foods can influence production of EWCM so maybe youve had something like that

    i only get ov pains every now and again also a wonder of our bodies to keep us guessing i suppose!!
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