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earliest pg symptoms

hi girls seen as ther has been alot of bfp this month just wondered what everybodys earliest symptom of pregnancy was or is


  • Mine were sore boobs and relentless tiredness. Also a taste in my mouth as if I sucked 2p peices!!!! horrible. Sickness came about 7 weeks for me.
    also if anyone had early scan externally as early as 4/5 weeks did you see anything???/ My friend had one yest and thinks she anything up to 6 weeks but they could not see anything at all....she refused an internal probe! She worried and I want to be able to reassure her

  • eugh the taste of sucking 2p pieces sounds horrible how early did your symptoms start?
  • Hi Sez31. About a week after OV i noticed a metallic taste in my mouth, but it didn't last long - maybe a couple of hours. About 11 days after OV I found the smell of my pillows absolutely revolting (wierd I know, and they smell fine again now!!), and I started to get sore boobs about 12 days after OV (a bit like just before AF). However, in the few days after OV I had these sensations in my stomach and I just knew that I was pg. These lasted maybe 5-7 days then went. Closer to the time my AF was due I also had what felt like the light cramps I ger just before my AF but they didn;t last long enough - only 10 mins or so rather than hours - and weren't as strong. I tested last Friday and BFN but I didn't give in and tested again yesterday and BFP (used the First Response early tests). It's wierd, but I just knew I was pg. I was excited all of Monday night about wanting to test again.
  • Sore boobs, feeling VERY tired and bleeding gums when brushing my teeth. Have also just started to pee more often!! Nice! x x x
  • oh the joys of pregnancy the funny thing is i cant wait for all of that the only time i really want morning sickness lol
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