Anyone just starting their 2ww?

Hi Ladies,

I hope you're all well....Just wanted to know if there's anyone that's starting their 2ww, maybe even in the next day or 2 as well..? Just thought we could give each other some support?

Lots and lots of baby dust to all.



  • Hi mrs richardson, well im hoping to ov in the next couple of days, just waiting for a positive on ov stick, so hopefully ill be joining you very soon! How long have you been ttc? Will this be your 1st? xxx
  • Hey Debbie, hope you get you +ive soon....It's our 2nd month, but really our 1st officially as last month we didn't really will be our long have you been trying?

  • Im on mth 5 and we are trying for our 6th!!!!!! lol. Im 41 so time is not on my side so im starting to panick a bit. My youngest is 1 so i know everything was working ok! lol. Good luck you might get your bfp in your 1st official month of trying, how wonderful would that be? xxxxx
  • I hope you get your BFP soon...I think I'll be the happiest woman on earth if I get my BFP... I'm 32, will be 33 in about 6 weeks, so am trying not to get anxious at long are your cycles usually?

  • Well ive only had 5 since cutting down on breastfeeding and they have ranged between 32-34 days but this af was the 1st since stopping breastfeeding and it was 26days, so hopefully they will now get back to 28 days. What about you? xx
  • I am hoping to join you early next week! It makes the 2ww so much better when you're not doing it alone.xx
  • Your certainly not wrong there hjanea! Good luck for next week. xxx
  • Thankyou, just hope my donor is available-he's not going to know until the last minute!!LOL!!!xx
  • My cycles are usually spot on 28 days but this month I will have a 31 day cycle....I ovulated yesterday and so AF is due on the 4th of July...US independence day...hopefully we'll have something to celebrate...

    H, you're right...I do hope you join me's going to be a very long 2 weeks otherwise... xxx
  • Hiya - think i may have just ovulated or be ovulating and so 2ww should start today really. Cant wait cant wait cant wait - i find myself symptom spotting before i have even ovulated so i must be strong this time and not test for 14 days!!!! Oh its too hard....Goodluck everyone xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hey em, I'll try and be strong with you hun....we can do it....when are you due to test? I will be testing on the under 2 weeks to wait now.

    Good luck babe.


  • Hi Nat, I did post last night but it seems to have disappeared?! image

    Im already on my 2ww, I think (not sure if cycles have returned to normal yet). As of today I have 9 days 'till testing! So Ill join you, if I may? image

    Good luck, and babydust! x

    Ok, just realised what has happened, I replied to your other post last night! :lol:

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  • I think im joining you!! lol. I didnt get a + on ov stick but im sure i ov yesterday! I had ewcm and sharp pains on the left low down (last mth i got the same pains on the right) so fingers crossed! xxx
  • Hey ladies, it's nice to have people going through the exact same thing at the same time, as we can compare notes... I'm going to be very busy at work at least over the next week so it should go by very quickly.

    babybump, please join in ....the more the merrier image

    debbie, I too didn't get a +ive on my CBFM this month as I ran out of sticks and unfortunately they don't sell them here in Oz, but I know I ovulated on Friday, I get pains too, every month like clock work and on Thursday I had ewcm in abundance.

    Fingers crossed for us all...xxxx
  • Thanks Nat! image Didnt realise you were an Aussie, I just kind of assume that everyone is here in rainy old UK! :lol: Have been trying to persuade my oh to move to Oz for ages, but he's having none of it! :evil:

    I dont use ov sticks any more, I had a go with them when i was trying for ds, and I never got a pos on them! cost me a blinkin fortune! :lol: I even tried one of those little saliva microscopes, but that was pants too!

    Im pretty sure I ov'd last Sunday as had sharp ov type aches on right side. Also had smidge of ewcm on the previous Friday. Enjoyed lots of lovely bd'g, just in case! :lol:

  • BB4, you're welcome hun...I'm not an Aussie...hubby is.I'm South African, lived in London until last year October before we moved here...It's currently winter, and we have temps of 25/26 deg.

    It's annoying that I can't walk into a shop and buy the sticks for the monitor. I will be testing 2 days after you...will see how I go...maybe test on the same day or the day after. image
  • hi there, iv just started ovulating, well i think so, i find it difficult to tell, this is my first mont of trying. its just guess work at the moment untill i know how long my cycles are. BD last night and will hopefully do it again tomorro. but the only problem i have is iv started to bleed mid cycle. has anyone had this before, im worried. its not just spotting either. good luck to you all, i hope all of your tests come uppossitive x

    Joanna x x
  • OMG im so jealous! 25/26 degrees in winter? Its the middle of summer here and today its 15 degrees!!!! :x :lol: xx

    Joanna, have you recently come off the pill? if so it could be that which is causing the bleeding? I think you should mention it to your gp tho hun, just to check. I think they recommend seeing your gp about any unusual bleeding. xx

  • yes i come off the pill late may but foolishly stopped before i finished the packet. it makes me feel so sick and the thought of taking the pill made me heave but i know now i should have finished the packet. im going to have a smear done on thursday so i will ask then. thanks for replying so quickly. this site is so helpful. i will let you know what the nurse says x
  • Good luck joanna, Im sure its nothing to worry about. ;\) x

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