Hi girls

Man i feel rough today image I was ok all evening till about 9ish and started to feel sick so I went to bed and watched TV felt too sick to take my folic pill do you think it's ok to miss it just one day?? Anyway I went to bed about 10-30.

At 12:30 I woke up with the most awful pain in my belly and I felt soooo sick like I was going to be sick. I was boiling as well like sweating and just felt really faint. I have never felt like that before. I got up and just sat in the bathroom with my head between my legs still feeling faint I asked hubby to get me a hot water bottle and then I went to bed, i also had a dull head ache as well.

Once the hot water bottle was on I felt better but what the hell was that all about?? Could this be af on the way and if so lord help me!!!!

It's really upset me today i just feel so rubbish I have not really slept very well in the last two nights and then to knock it all off i had a huge fight with hubby this morning and we are not talking!

k x


  • You poor thing! That sounds miserable.

    Maybe you're symptom spotting for pregnancy when you're actually just ill? You could have picked up some vile bug that makes you feel sick?

    Look after yourself today. And text your OH - if you're ill, you need sympathy so make up with him and that can be one less thing to worry about.


    PS Just wanted to say that you always seem to give everyone else on here fab advice and it is really appreciated.
  • ahhh thank you honeyimage thats really put a huge smile on my face image Thats really sweet of you.

    I am not sure just feel very low today and not because i am not preg just because. I feel fine now though thats the ood thing? i have a boil thats come up on my face which I always get before AF and my boobs are still sooooo sore so i reckon if i am lucky i will come on sometime next week?

    I really don;t want to talk to hubby I know you are right but he is a man anyway and not very good at making me feel any better

    Thanks again

    k xx
  • Jesus K-lou if thats your af coming you should see the doctor, no-one should have to suffer like that?
    Sorry if this is tmi but you aren't constipated are you ? max xxx
  • With the sick thing, I once had almost the exact same experience after taking the morning after pill: spot so big I thought I'd have to buy a trolly to wheel it around; stomach cramps; vomiting and tendency to cry at anything (I remember seeing a chipped cup in a cafe set me off): BLOODY HORMONES.

    Whatever it means: don't worry. It will settle down and you will feel better!
  • I hope your not ill hun and its early pregnancy symptoms. Hope your not feeling too rough! xx
  • No i am not babe all is working ok down there? I have no idea what it was but I felt soo ill. I felt like crying, you know when you want to cry because you have nothing else you can do thats how I felt.

    I was on my back, side front, on all fours just trying to stop the belly ache/pain?? I feel ok this morning apart from feeling low and soooo tired image

    My belly is not hurting at all. I have more cm that i have had in the last few days?

    I took a test last night I was 11DPO and it was a BPN so I don;t think i am preg.

    Today it;s 12 dpo you don't; think it could of been implantation do you?? I know thats a long shot.

    K xx

  • Anybody or would of this already happened?? is it to late??

    k xx
  • Sorry hun i did reply, dont know what happened to it!! I think after reading all the posts on here anything is possible so keep a tight hold of that pma xxxx
  • Hiya

    I had exactly the same as this over the bank holiday, I was eventually sick and it all passed within 48 hours so imagine it was just a bug, I believe there is one goin round at the moment. Totally agree how awful it is I crying cos all I wanted to do was sleep but my tummy hurt so much xx
  • I think your right it is a bug somebody at work just said they heard a friend was like it as well image oh well I will just have to wait an let it hit me again image

    K xx
  • Hey Honey, my OH had a similar thing yesterday so i'm afraid it sounds like it could be a bug but you never know!!!! I had a stomach ache last night and I thought af was coming but today I feel fine! God I want to be pregnant so much!! And why is it that now everywhere I go there are pregnant women and people pushing prams, has anyone else noticed this??? x
  • Oh hun, i hope you're alright. Sorry you're feeling so down. Do you think just a tummy bug? I was wondering if it could be implantation pain like you said??? I had some pain like that and put it down to af coming, but was wrong?? Hope you feel more cheerful soon xxx
  • Thanks girls i think it's just a bug. I am so mad though as I had a really bad gut infection about three weeks ago and can't believe i am ill again??

    I now have to just wait wait wait till AF shows her face so that I can see if i am actually ov. I never got any EWCM and so i am worrying if i am actually OV. Is it common to not OV at all after coming off the pill?

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