12 DPO ish! Cycle buddies needed! 2ww here we are!

Hi ladies!
Well I really enjoyed being part of a 2ww thread last month so thought would try and start up a new one for a new cycle!
I am CD 1ish and have started to use the 28 day baby making plan from the baby making bible. There is some strange stuff in there but also some really nice stuff like having a bath and sleeping lots!

So anybody else want to join to see us through another month of TTC?!

Mrs CAke xxxximage

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  • Hi mrs cake I'll join u I'm on cd 3 I came on af on Saturday and this is going to be our second month ttc. What about you? X
  • Hi Mrs Cake...well I'm CD1 again image 9th month, hear we come...Still feeling a little delicate!

    Not heard of the Baby making bible...sounds intriguing *runs off to find on Amazon* :lol:

    I would like to be your cycle buddy if you'll have me!
    x x x
  • Hi Mrs Cake,Former Fox and Curls

    I'm on CD 1 too, can I join you too? We are trying SMEP this month (our real first month trying). Whats the baby making bible? Sounds like lovely pampering.

    Thank you

    V xxxx
  • Well call me crazy but I bought a copy of the Baby Making Bible! :lol: Can't hurt right???
    Just hope I'm not too late to start it, seeing as though it wont be coming for a few days! xx
  • I think if I bought anything else, hubby would probably explode - lol.

    V xxx
  • Yay! Welcom ladies!
    This is going to be the thread of PMA and BFP! I had a really late AF this month so I thought we had done it and have had to pick myself up but feeling better now image
    Onto our thrid month!
    Well the baby making bible is a nice read. Be warned some of it is a little kooky as her expertise is based in chinease medicine but the aim of it is all about positive thinking, eating well and knowing your body. She is very well known fertility expert.
    So one tip I have used today is having Epsom salt baths which are good for period pains and other period problems. It was very nice!
    I am also going to follow the SMEP in that I plan to BD as much as possible and it will be our first month using a OPK!
    I like to have a plan.......image

    Lots of baby dust
  • I think this is the month for us girls. Like you said Mrs Cake, lots of PMA. My AF came at exactly 28 days, which is good as I'm now regular but sucks that it came.

    I have epsom salt baths as they are supposed to help with water retention too. I might have to purchase this book when my hubby blinks - he he. I like things that are natural. I may even buy an OPK too. Mmmmmm, decisions decisions.

    Looking forward to having some pals to share this journey with.

    I agree with the plan thing, I get a little OCD sometimes so plans help me keep on track.

    V xxxx
  • Hiya
    well im not on CD1 yet, but im late, sore tummy and lots of BFNs, so now im full of PMA for the next month, AF is late, but ive got a CBDM so its all taken care of somewhere!!!

    Mrs Cake...im back in your gang!!! Hopefully AF will turn up soon!!!

    x x x
  • I think our gang is going to be lucky this month, I can feel it in my water.

    V xxx
  • Hey,
    You can get the book on Amazon for about ??8 so it's not too much.
    I have gone for a clear blue OPK this month. I know they are more expensive then some but I want to try with something easy this month!
    It just feels like it might take some of the stress away from worrying about missing OV.
    (deffo OCD.....)
  • Ohhhhhh I think I might just buy that then, that's not too expensive is it. I'm trying to be all cool about it and not use OPK's and things, but I'm on the wrong side of 35 and don't want to do all I can to get a BFP sooner rather than later. If only it were that easy eh?

    I am keeping my OCD at bay at the min (I know it doesn't seem that way - he he he).

    Am going to order the book. Can't wait now, I can cope with the cramps and stuff.

    It's lovely to chat to others who know how you feel isn't it?

    V xxx
  • can i be in ur gang please :lol:
    i am cd8 but i wont ov till cd18/19. I am going with SMEP this month image
    gems x
  • Mrs Cake, the CBD OPK is really really easy! You can do it with FMU which I hear is unusual for OPK's but I went straight onto this one & the happy smiley face makes it so easy to read...

    I've only got one stick left & thought I might just not buy anymore this month & try & be a little bit more natural about the whole thing...Think I've been OV'ing on CD13 for like ever, so not sure if it would make a difference anyway. However, I feel a *little* uneasy about this!!! :lol:

    Oooh if this woman tells me to have relaxing baths, who am I to argue, cant wait til it gets delivered now :lol:

  • stupid BE! same post...

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  • Well you started the gang HF image I am keeping my fingers crossed for you though so maybe you won't need us (in the best possible way!!)
    I know what you mean Trixy, it makes you feel less like a mad woman knowing that others feel and behave in the same way! I don't seem any harm in trying some different stuff to help TTC along. As much as I could say 'i'll just let things happen' my brain would never follow suit so I am just going with it and not feeling bad for it image
  • double post

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  • Welcome Gems! I want to try some SMEP action this month... image
    Thanks Curls, I want it to be easy! It's good I can test in the morning as that makes the most sense to me. I didn't realise you couldn't with the others so good job I started with this one!

  • I have ordered the book and some OPK's off Amazon, there is no stopping me this month.

    Welcome Gems, the more the merrier.

    V xxx
  • Aw Mrs Cake-thank you, you are too sweet!!

    Well, hopefully i will know either way, but i am full of PMA and a 'what will be, will be' attitude at the moment. I went TOO crazy for a little while. I do like being on here too, so i know others feel the same way. I think im surrounded by people that can just wink at each other and be preg!!Grrrr :evil:

    Oh i mean..yes,yes, i am calm...hmmm what was i saying?!!!

    x x x
  • Hi, please could I join?
    I'm on CD 4 today of month 3 and have just started using a CBFM AND am waiting for my baby making bible to arrive! I've seen so many people comment about it on here that I really thought i should get myself a copy!!
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