When & how do you use ovulation sticks?

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I have bought a 5 pak of ovulation sticks but not sure when is the best time to use them. Can anyone help with when I should start testing?

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  • Hi Robin image

    This is my second month of TTC and my first using ov sticks...I actually found them really interesting!

    I go them from eBay and they came with an instruction leaflet which said because my cycle is 28 days long I should start using them on CD11. However, I started using them on CD8 because I'm an impatient git. I got a positive on CD11 & CD12 so I'm glad I started using them early.

    My ovulation calculator said I should ov on CD14 but got EWCM on CD 11&12 as well so all signs point to early ov for me.

    How long is your cycle?
  • I think generally it';s best to start using them 17 days before your expected AF, which will take into account long cycles
  • Like MrsPP I usually start testing earlier rather than later just in case I miss it - even though 8 months in I know roughly when I ovulate! 5 tests may not be enough for that though, good luck x
  • I can send you the link to the cheap n cheerful eBay ones if you like, they're great. I got 50 for ??8.
    It becomes a little addictive but it's great to see the change in the results.
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  • Yes please that would be good.

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