CBFM - Help please!

Morning everyone

This is the first month of using my new CBFM and it was totally worth the money - love seeing that little egg sign! However, I'm now on day 23 and it's still asking me for a test stick - is this normal? I've almost gone through a pack of 20..... I didn't get my peak until day 18 so could that be why? What normally happens? Do you test until next AF? :\?

Thanks ladies x


  • Hi hun,

    this is a bit naughty, but if you've already had your 2 peak days, and then a high and then a low, I wouldn't bother POAS anymore, as you're only going to get lows and so will literally pi$$in away your money :lol:

    I would expect your AF around CD35, is this about right for you usually?

  • Hi, it will ask for all 20 sticks in the 1st month hun so dont worry. Next month provided you have ov within the 1st 10 sticks then it wont ask for anymore! (it tests in batches of 10 sticks) Good luck, i hope you wont need to use it next month xxxxx
  • Yes i second what rainbow says, once ive had my 2 peaks i dont ues anymore sticks!! xx
  • Thanx both - I didn't realise it would ask for all 20 sticks - I was thinking I would have to battle through the snow today to go and find more! Sorry to ask another question but if I stop POAS do I still need to turn the monitor on until I get AF or will this not matter?

    Thanks again xx
  • I didn't put it on again as it will start flashing m at you to say that AF is due - like you need reminding!

  • I dont poas or even turn the monitor on until AF turns up so its fine chickidee. xxx
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