Newbie with factor v Leiden

Hi there just joined and also popped my first post into the Introduction forum. I am 40 and have factor v Leiden. I live in London and will be starting to ttc first baby in a couple of weeks. I had the mirena coil removed just over a month ago and read it was best to wait at least one period to let the womb lining thicken. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I did have regular periods whilst using coil and had a period a couple of days after withdrawl bleeding stopped. So praying I get my nxt later nxt wk. I am also curious if anyone else here as factor v Leiden? Cheerio for now x


  • Welcome i am new too its lovely on here there really are some fab girls with great advice image x
  • Hi Jelly bean, I'm 37 and ttc #1 too. I don't have factor v Leiden but I do have a double mutation of c677t (and a bunch of other weird blood results!) which also can lead to an increased risk of mc (I have now had 3 in the last 7 months), hopefully you are luckier than me but I am now taking a baby aspirin each day (81mg) to help for next time I get my bfp - has your doc recommended that you take that too?

    Welcome and good luck.xx
  • hiya and welcome image im not actually sure what factor v leiden is? re: the waiting one cycle efore trying, we didint lol. was too excited! hehe xxxx
  • Hi girls many thanks for taking the time to reply and making me feel welcome.
    Mrs Broodypops congrats on your recent wedding and good luck with ttc. I have all my fingers and toes crossed for you!

    Baby on board I am sorry to hear about your losses and I wish you all the best for the BFP. I have not heard of your double mutation, have you had it all your life? Is baby aspirin all you take? The doc as not told me to take it. They just said as soon as I fall pregnant I will start on heparin right up to 6 wks after birth.

    Mrs*me* it made me laugh that you couldn't wait til your nxt cycle, I know the feeling! It's all very exciting! Factor v Leiden is a blood clotting disorder that means I am about 8 times more likely to clot than someone without it. So far I have had a dvt in each leg, a clot in my arm and 2 clots on seperate occassions in my lung.

    It as been great hearing from you all x
  • Hi JB the double mutation I have I assume has been there my whole life and it can make me prone to clots, they found it after testing me becasue of the mc's. I did start the daily lovenox injections for my last pg - unfortunately it didn't help and then I went to see a specialist who has advised that I probably will be fine with just the aspirin as I don't have a history like yourself and that my mc's where bad luck (each was at a different stage the latwest at 11w). It sounds to me though with your history you will most certainly need the lovenox (heparin) and when I started on it I read alot about it and many many women have said that with a history of clotting the lovenox injections was what allowed them to carry to term - I'm sure that that will be great for you given your history and you'll be fine on it and have your h&h 9 mths. I have my fingers crossed that you get your bfp soon!x
  • Hi BB my bf is going to be the one giving me the injections of heparin as I am a scaredycat! Lol I should think he will relish the opportunity to jab me especially when I am having one o my moany days lol
    I truly wish you all the best in ttc and do hope you keep me posted. Don't forget I am here as well if you want to discuss any sticky blood related issues x
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