BD Lots vs BD less

Month 16 TTC #2

Hello Ladys,
Last few months OH and i have been BD like mad Not that were moaning :lol: But were having mo luck.......
We have been BD almost Everyday till OV from about CD10 then 3days after OV well thats not really working so i am wondering if BD everyother is better??????
At the min due to cold and lack of PMA we have had no BD at all :roll: Will start BD from tonight...

What do you think ladys With you BFP's image Lots of sex or let him recharge with everyother :lol: :lol: :lol:

Gems xxxxx


  • Hey gembags

    I think that this is the million dollar question! I've tried every other day up to OV then every day on peaks, and every three days up to OV and every peak, and every day up to OV and including and still don't have my BFP.

    Sorry not to shed much light but just wanted you to know that you are not alone xx
  • Thanks Guess its one of lifes unanswered questions :lol: image

    Thanx gems xxx
  • Hi gems hun

    You know my answer on this one - less was definitely more for me.

    I guess the obvious would be the more you bd the better chance you would have but certainly wasn't that way for me.

    I've noticed a SMEP thread on here - might be worth giving it a go.

    And don't forget those vits!

  • we BD every other day.... then when i get my positive OPK we bd every day for 3 days, then go back to every other day for the rest of the month

    I have been thinking about this - when we were on honeymoon we bd'd every day and that didn't work, so might try a different tactic this month!! xx
  • Thanx

    Little T :lol: :lol: I have remembered image
  • For me, it's definitely every other, I am sure that DH's swimmers need time to mature and be fit to make that long journey. It's only my opinion but it worked for me xx
  • BD lots worked for me, the week before OV and around OV time. Good luck x

  • We only did it once lol. We were so shattered we just spent time cuddling in bed (ahhhhhhh!)
    We did it on day cd9 and I think I ov'd on cd12/13. I read in a book that it takes about 72+ hrs for the sperm to reach the egg so try and concentrate on the days leading upto ov than actual ov. You never know!
    Good luck everyone

    bm xx
  • HEY GEMBAGS!!!!!!

    every other days worked for me until ov then every days for 3 days then a couple of days break then BD for one last time try it sweet you never no they do say every day can be too much!!!

    Little T love it remember those vits LOL :lol: :lol:
  • i was told by the doc to do it everyother day as sperm need to mature plus not to put anyone down there is only a 25% chance for a couple to get pg so i see it like this if it dont work for you try something else good luck
  • i was told by the doc to do it everyother day as sperm need to mature plus not to put anyone down there is only a 25% chance for a couple to get pg so i see it like this if it dont work for you try something else good luck
  • Hi,

    This month, we bd on CD 6, 9 and 12 and FF had me firstly ov-ing on CD 11 and then CD14 (I had not + opk this month). We also bd on CD 14, 15 and 16 (these were all morning sessions too, so I had to get up for work and not stay lay down) and on 10 dpo I got a bfp. (I've not announced it as such as it's so early and I'm scared it'll be a Chemical Pregnancy, as AF's not due until this Friday (so no congratulations please), the test lines are getting darker each day - I've got Amazon cheapie tests)

    I was kind've following the SMEP, so it was that or the rude veg that worked!

    Fingers crossed for you
  • Hi g/c

    BD everyday until OV worked for us - but then it was our honeymoon and we were in the if it happens great, if it doesnt ok frame of mind (if you know what I mean)

    If you've been BD everyday then there would be no harm in making this month a SMEP month

    wishing you lots of baby dust
    N 12+0
  • hi hun, up till now we have done the same as you, bd like mad so this month we are doing smep trying a different approach hioing it will make a difference.

    arls im whispering congrats hun, so pleased for youxxx
  • i've been wondering this too, we were supposed to be trying SMEP this month but i thought i ovulated last thurs/fri but now think its more likely yesterday/today so we've BDd every day for almost a week! hopefully that'll be the right way to go anyway!
    i wouldn't change what you're doing if you get a BFN though after one month, coz like osmeone mentioned before (sorry i couldn'tr find who it was), you only have a 25% chance each month even if you do everything right, so it might just need more time.
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