whats going on?

hey everyone.

this is my 1st mth of ttc. hav had all symptoms of early preg apart from sickness but never had that with my son. was due on yesterday, had sex with my partner lastnight and wen i wiped after there was pink on the tissue, i thought i'd come on but that was it, nothin since. wen i usually come on its very red and heavy straight away. did a test this morn and was neg. anyway went to toilet earlier and there was a bit of thick discharge stretchy like wen u ovulate, but it had a bit of brown in it. almost like a show wen ur full term. could this be another sign, does any1 hav any ideas?

oop, just has tiny bit more. not as thick as wen u ovulate. i can actually seperate it x

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  • hiya, it could be implantation bleeding, i have had very similar symptoms my tests are bfn too, i was told that maybe waiting a couple of weeks (if you can that is !!) to test.,,sorry cant be more help!! xx fingers crossed for you hun x
  • Sounds positive, fingers crossed. Test in another few days if af stays away. xx
  • I had exactly the same, some spotting on day 37 (af usually 37/40) thought it was AF coming on but nothing. On Day 76 now and still nothing, when bd'ed with DH the other week like you I had lots of red when wiped, convinced my af started but nothing again since ! Have pains in my left ovary today and yesterday did an ov stick and got a positve, and have done I think 5 pg tests now all negative. So i figure I must just be having a crazy cycle ! I'm next due on on the 16th July so am putting my missed June af up to a misfire !
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