Anybody not pinpointing ovulation etc etc??

Hi all,Am fairly new to TTC and am on Cycle 6 but only my first cycle of trying as we were on protection for 5 months so my question to you is this.I use CB calendar to track my cycles and have a regular 35 day cycle, my periods for the last 3 cycles have been light and have lasted 1 day at the most but I have still counted these as a regular cycle.I came off the pill end of June so have been off contraception the recommended 3 months prior to trying.???? I just wanted to know who isnt using a CBFM, charting, temping, using OPK's??I dont have a CBFM and I have bought some OPK's and HPTS because they were BOGOF.???? I also go onto dramy website and this gives me an estimate of when I would ovulate.Am I leaving it to chance or should I start using OPK's, its only our first month of trying but I really would like a xmas bean if possible, I know chances are slim.Also am due to ovulate 7th but says I will be fertile from 4th Dec onwards, again without using OPK's I wont know but I kinda feel like I wanna avoid all that until we need to start using them if that makes sense.???? Hubby has said he doesnt want to know about ov etc and just enjoy BDing!! I have been putting my legs up in the air though just incase ha ha!!So I guess I would just like some advice on the best way forward for my xmas BFP PMA PMA!!!Dust to all xx


  • Hey Sparkling Diamond.
    Iam on my second month of trying. Not using any ovulation sticks or CBFM or anything really. Just predicting my OV and using the signs of my body I supposed. We had decided that we would leave it to nature a bit for the first few months.
  • I didnt do anything I never even tried to predict when I would be OVing. I just went with the flow and bd when I was in the mood and didn't when I wasn't x

    Maz x
  • We never charted anything. I just came off the pill and started ttc straight away. So didn't even give my cycle a chance to settle like you have. So we had no idea about anything. I got pregnant first month of trying...

    I still believe that even if I hadn't conceived so quickly I still wouldn't have charted or tested for ovulation. I had two good friends also ttc and neither of them tested or charted either (one took 18 months to conceive and was never tempted!) It's a personal thing though. If it feels like a positive thing to do then you should do it. If it doesn't feel necessary then don't. Trust your instincts and do what feels right for you. Good luck!
  • This is our first month ttc and I've been using opk's - wish I hadn't, I'm obsessed. Once you start poas there's no going back!! lol
    I have now realised though that I ov a lot later than any of the calendars say I 'should' so next month I'll have an idea of around when to do lots of bd'ing.
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