told someone where to go... oops

Hi Girls

So a wife of OH's mate is pg and lately there have been various emails going back and forth about other stuff, and every single email she sends has some reference to her being pregnant, regardless of the substance of the email. She's also commented on my facebook status with references to her pg, and i really object to it! She knows we are trying and I feel like she's being really insensitive.

So I've told her. Replied to an email earlier today basically saying please stop as it makes me feel rubbish given she knows we'd love to be in the same position.

And now I feel bad, feel like I've been overly harsh, and feel like a sour cow.... image



  • Oh hun. From what you've said, it does sound as though she is being a bit insensitive, so you're well within reason to say how she's making you feel. Maybe contact her tomorrow after you've let things settle, if you're feeling bad about it x x
  • Ah hun try not to feel bad, the way you are feeling is completely natural and I know I have felt like telling people to do the same on several occasions since we started ttc!! The whole process can make you irrational and not yourself, especially when you have irregular cycles and don't feel like you have the same chances of getting pg as everyone else trying; at least that's how I know I feel. I found out my husband's sister was pregnant a few weeks ago, and couldn't feel happy for her even though I knew I was being a selfish cow!! We can't help the way we feel.

    Don't beat yourself up about it, at least now this woman might be a bit more sensitive!

    hugs xxx
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