Anyone else on their first month of TTC...?

Just wondered if there was anyone else on here who is on their first month of TTC? I'm in the middle of my first proper cycle after finishing my contraceptives when we got married. Not sure how long this cycle is going to be as nothing really to compare it to, but basing it on an average 28 day cycle I suppose this week I should be ovulating.

I'm expecting my AF around the 22nd July sometime, but not really expecting too much from this month as not really sure how my cycles are gonna work yet.

Anyone else in the same boat?


  • hiya and welcome image im not in my first month im afraid, but wanted to say hi!

  • Thanks! It's all a bit new and exciting (and slightly overwhelming!) and still trying to get used to all the abbreviations on the site image
  • I am!! I was on the pill but came off it and had my first period last month but have no idea when I ovulate so like you I have based mine on a 28 day cycle. Im expecting af on 19th July so I will be testing then if I'm not on already.

  • Yeh! Someone else who also hasn't got a clue image

    Lets hope we get lucky! Will keep my fingers crossed for you x
  • Ha ha! I'm know I'm gonna be just like that too! I'm trying to act all calm and that I'm not thinking about it or anything with h2b - but I can't help it! I'm just so excited!!!!
  • you too chick. Im symptom spotting like crazy, Ive already got a full list of things that feel different but if I am pregnant I will only be a few days gone haha.
  • hehe glad ur both excited image u will get used to all the abreviations in no time xxx
  • TiggerRoo I'm the same. First month really trying, but I've been trying to tell what my body's up to for the last couple of months. See if I can tell when I'm ovulating without tests and things.

    Not holding out much hope this month, not that lucky.

    So is everyone taking folic acid supplements and all that? I feel a bit clueless... x

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  • I'm taking my supplements and spoke to one of the nurses that I work with and she advised me to cut down on caffeine (coke is the worst apparently), so did all that. I feel like I should sort of know more than I do, but when it's happening to you it's different!

    It all sounds a bit yucky to me - all talk about cervical mucus and stuff. TMI!
  • hey Girls!

    I'm on my first month TTC too, came off the pill in May, we were careful until my first proper AF on the 16th of June so due next AF on Wed I reckon- bit gutted tho as I was on holiday with a friend and didnt get back until CD 15 so we might have missed ov this month image

    I'm not 100% sure when I ov but I have a 28day cycle so all the calculators say I should have ov'd on the 30th image

    Hope this months lucky for us!! image xx
  • Same with the caffeine, decaf tea in office now!

    Sometimes I think I can tell when I ov, other months I don't.

    Do your friends and family know you're trying?? I don't want anyone to know, even find myself lying about it! Not sure why!!
  • People have asked at work, and I've just not really answered. We got married in June so they just keep saying won't be long now to your pregnant and I just laugh and smile along with it. It's difficult really as I work in an IVF unit, so I've also got this skewed view that EVERYONE is infertile! I've spoken to one of the nurses and she has given me some advice, a couple of my close colleagues have asked and I've told them but no-one else really.

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  • lol tiggerroo, yes i got married in may, and people at work keep saying exactly the same thing!

    ps girlies, if ur thinking of stocking up, or havent got any yet, folic acid/most vitimins are 3 for 2 at boots xxxxxxxx
  • Ok so probably a bit TMI now but here goes anyway, I might as well ask a bit of advice whilst I'm on here. I'm on day 15 now and noticed today that I had very sticky pinkish mucus (told you it was TMI) - is this a sign that ovulation has happened or happening? Anyone....?
  • oh and also....there is lots of it! Sorry! I know it is way TMI - it even made me feel a bit queasy!
  • ummm yeah i have heard u can get lots of stretchy cm( cervical mucus) this is fertile mucus and means ur about to/or just have ov'd so get bd'ing asap lol. the pink tinge maybe a little blood, some people get that aswell, so im thinking u just ov'd so jump on hubs tonite!

    o and nothing is tmi on here anymore lol! haha.
  • Was just a little confused as tiny bit of pink tinged mucus on Day 9 aswell - although nowhere near as much as today. And then when it happened again today, but there was so much of it...I wondered what was happening!

    Excellent news about the ovulation! That's good news then.....seems like body is doing what it should be doing! Best get myself looking good and jump on hubby tonight! image

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  • when i found out I was pregnant with my son i told everyone the night we found out. This time around I dont want to tell anyone untill after the first scan. Ive only told my best friend we are trying.

    Im not taking any vitamins, i didnt first time round ither, as soon as i found out I started taking them. xx
  • Like Mrs Me said, I also thought that happens around the time you ov. Have fun tonight!!

    No one at work asks, most of them don't know how long I've been married but friends comment a lot. It's going to hard to explain my way out drinks for very long without them twigging on...
  • Hey ladies,

    im on my first month too, wantapinkbump me n u have the exact same cycle, CD18 today so hoping i have a 28 day cycle (also just off the pill) i should expect a/f july 19th.

    kel xx
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