Angel100, get your **** in here!


Hey hun, hows you getting on? Long time no see (or so to speak!) xxx

Oops had to chnage the title, tired now! ha ha!

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  • lol hun how are you. ive been busy i think i may have finally ov'd today as the pains finally subsided.

    oh was saying that he wants me to go to docs if i dont get my bfp this month as ov was so painful this month he wants me to get it checked
  • Tee hee, thought that would get your attention!

    Can't believe your oving is that painful sweetie, was it worse than af pains? Sounds like you were having fun bding! lol!
  • def worse than af pains. i dont get af cramps as bad as i used to. im still my temp dropped way down today so as long as it rises tomorrow that should be ov then im in my 2ww. having fun bdancing but getting tired im thinking with my cycles i really have to use opk's, scared if we bd like this all the time we will use up all hubbys strong

    how you hun.xxxx
  • Bding does make you both tired, I'm sure the blokes don't mind though, lol!

    I'm good, bored with ss'ing now, am 9dpo and seriously considering testing tomorrow lol! I'm am not a patient person, I have come to realise!

    Have a few symptoms which probably arent:
    Sore bbs occasionally - down the sides, stabbing pains
    Been knackered for days
    Really vivid implantation/bfp/baby dreams!
    Sensitive to smells today
    But no cramps like I had last month

    My temp was at 37 yesterday, highest its been all month, down to 36.7 today, if it goes down any further tomorrow am out of the running!

    Sorry for the essay, needed to get out my system! lol!
  • hey hun, feel free to vent. your symptoms sound good. hun try hold off testing for a couple of

    hubby is never too i am finally 11dpo so testing just before valentines so if af comes we are in for a crap

  • but..... if you get your bfp, great valentines!
    I will hold off, bfn's are sadder than af. I think after a few months have come to realise that symptoms mean nada, they're just a way to make the 2ww go quick!
    Have you thought of any names yet? xxx
  • hun, you are so right, i have mixed symptoms so many times, i try not to think of them as def preg symptoms and just ss for the fun of it now ive learnt not to look to far into my symptoms.

    ive just noticed i wrote i wish.ha

    i like ruby, amber & grace (hubby not so
    i like thomas for a boy but again hubby not keen. it took ages to choose our little girls name and in the end there was only one name we could agree
  • Lol, numpty, feeling a bit like have lost pma today, mental day at work, exhausted but feel on edge and have a super headache! Stoopid stressful work!

    Ooh love your names, well apparently hubby has said that I have to choose the boys name and has to choose the girls name, funny bugger!

    We've chosen, nathaniel, ethan and sebastian for boys and erin, phoebe, niamh and meghan for girls xxx
  • i know life would be lovely without the stress of work.

    i love erin but just had a friend call her wee girl that. i love niamh too.xxxx
  • Hows you doing this morning, woke up happy, temp shot up today. Looked on ff, and it was 11dpo that af came last month, so I think I have a slightly short lp. Tested this morning, nada, but strange little stabbing pain on pubic bone area, no sore bbs or tummy cramps. Not sure what to make of it all, strange body I have! lol! (turning into yoda too by the looks of things!) xxx
  • lol, you could still be too early. im 3dpo and feel crap, sicky , spots and a minging boil on my side, oh and thrush, great aye. i know im too early for symptoms so who knows whats going
  • lol, you could still be too early. im 3dpo and feel crap, sicky , spots and a minging boil on my side, oh and thrush, great aye. i know im too early for symptoms so who knows whats going
  • Lol, bless you sweetie, you're a treat! Of course I'm too early, always am, ahh why fight it?!
    Hubby says no more till 2 days, which is fine by me! lol xxx
  • lol, why not aye. i really hope this is your month hun.

    ive just been logging my symptoms and by this time last month i was already having bad af cramps so fingers crossed this mnth is different.xxxx
  • Same here, no af cramps. Babydust to you lovely! x
  • you too hun.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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