Spotting - need some advice please?

Hi ladies,

Firstly apologies for crashing over here as I am not even TTC, but would be really grateful for a little advice please.

My AF is due on friday (ish) this week, last night I had a little spotting, but it was very light, very pink and only about 2 drops. Me and OH have done the deed about 4 times this month without any protection.

The reason I am posting here is - we have a DD who is 9 months old, she was conceived on holiday, and while we were on this holiday I had the exact same spotting and assumed it was the start of my period (obv it wasn't) I didnt even twig that my period was late until about a week after it was due and got a BFP when I tested.

I am now wondering if I am pregnant again - I know the chances are small, but I don't spot inbetween periods/we've not had sex for a few days so its nothing to do with that either, so I'm a little bit excited and nervous!

I am going to go and buy a test in a few hours but until then my head is running wild with thoughts!

I am not on the pill or anything yet, I was going to go back on it this month when AF came, but we know that there is a chance we could have fallen pregnant, however, it took us 18 months ttc our DD so I assumed the same this time (haha I'm now saying, this time!!)


what do you all think?
I don't even know if a test would show up yet.

We are actually getting married next May, but have only paid deposits so far so we can easily postpone things if we need too.

I'm getting a little excited. My poor OH told me not to talk to him too much about it as he will get excited - bless him.

Sorry for the long mixed up post - any help would be great.


  • Meant to say - with my last pregnancy I had no morning sickness or anything so I cant even go on symptoms.
  • OOOMMMGGGGG!!! Sorry C I have no words of wisdom but just wanted to say GO TEST TEST TEST.

    I hope someone else can help xxx
  • Haha BL after I had posted on here I saw you had replied to another post and thought my 'secret' post was now not so secret!!!

    I will be going and getting a test in about an hour - I am very secretly excited although kinda know it will not be a BFP.
  • Oh sorry, I will pretend I havnt seen it image
  • Haha, no your fine hun!

    I am sure it will be a BFN anyway.

    As I said, I have no symptoms at all, if it wasn't for this tiny spotting like last time, I would have thought nothing of it.

    WIll let you know.....!xx
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