What would you buy new or second hand?

Hi All,

I am still hunting down that BFP but I do like to indulge myself now and again and think about what I will be buying for my LO!
This will be mine and hubbys first born so we don't have anything baby related, at all and will be starting from scratch. Most things we will be buying new but I just wondered what everyone else thought about buying second hand? We have decided we would spend the extra money and get a good cotbed as it would last 4-5 years but I really want a moses basket/crib for LO before. So as a compromise I thought about getting a second hand one (and buying new bedding obv). LO would only be in it for a few months so seems silly spending ??50+ when there are so many other things to buy.

What have you seen that you know you will be buying when you get your BFPs?


  • This will be baby number 2 for us but we don't have anything left from my son at all :lol: to be honest, our Moses basket is a family antique so we didn't have 2 buy anything but matress and bedding...when I saw the price of them in the shops - so expensive!!! We aren't going to get a Moses basket this time round, gonna get a swinging crib for bedroom & baby can sleep in bouncy chair/pram thru in the living room xx
  • Hi Mrs Allen.
    Sorry I am G/C from due in April.
    This is my 3rd baby and with all 3 I have bought most of the things I have needed secod hand.
    This time round the Cot has been second hand ??50 with a lot of toys bedding etc obv going to be buying the mattress new. I bought the Moses Basket secind hand for ??10 again going to be getting a new mattresss to go in it. I bought the Crib second hand too for ??20 as I have always wanted one.
    There are so many things out there that you can get second hand that are in perfect condition as when you have a baby you will find they do not need anything for long atall so still in good con when finished with.
    I personally can't justify spending hundreds of pounds on things for baby when you can get them just as good at quarter of the price second hand.
    A lot of his clothes have been second hand too and as I say as they have not been in them long they are as good as new.
    I also look at it this way if you buy the stuff you have to have second hand then when you see something you want rather than need you can justify it more. I have just treated myself to a Yummy Mummy bag which I would not of been able to had I of not bought other things cheaper.
    Sorry if I have gone on a bit lol but I hope it has helped a little when it comes to making your decisions.

    Maz x
  • as my son is only 7 months old we havea lot of baby stuff now. if we happen to have a girl some of it will do for her. with my son i got most of his clothes 2nd hand. blankets and sheets 2nd hand. some from ebay and some from freecycle. if you ladies havent joined freecycle i suggest you give it a try. i have got loads of stuff of there. clothes, toys, unused nappies, maternity clothes, cosytoes, dog stuff. all kinds of things and its all free to collect. have seen people advertising cots/moses baskets, sterilisers which if i hadnt already got as presents i would be happy to have 2nd hand especially when free, my favourite price.
  • Hay, When i had my son i never had anything 2nd hand but not coz of any reason other than i haddnt thought of it.
    I got into Ebay when he was about 6months old coz i had so many cloths of his that had been warn once and sold the lot image
    This time i will get so clothing bits from ebay. My sons cot was 2nd had some one throwing it away and offered it to us so all we had to get was a new matteress. I have had about 4 buggys from ebay all 2nd hand but in FAB condition and really good Money
    I had a mothercare 3wheeler it was a lovely buggy and i hated to see it go but i brought it for ??20.When my son got to big for it i cleaned it all up and sold it for ??50 image

    Gems xxx
  • have just realised that if i am lucky enough to get my BFP i will need a double buggy and another cot!!!! so yes i am more than happy to get these things 2nd hand. i think it would be good if we had a forum for this kind of thing. maybe not for us to advertise stuff we have for sale but more for people who are looking for stuff. then if someone on here has what they are looking for can email them direct rather than posting what they have.

  • Oooh Gembags you little wheeler dealer! lol
    I saw an ICandy Apple go last night for ??103.20!!! I had to sit on my hands! aaaahhh!

    The word is from my brother in law is that his parents - (my parents in law) - bought their phil and teds pram whne they had my nephew and also bought my other sister in law her phil and teds sport when she had my neice.
    So I hope they offer the same to us!
    I am the least favourite daughter in law though so not holding my breath!

    I would be a bit funny with clothes as I would wonder where they had come from - having said that, you would wash them before putting them on LO so maybe it doesn't matter that much.
  • hi, we have one ds already and i wld say aabout 70% of his things were/are second hand....all we got new was his play gym ??25, moses basket ??40inc mattress (but u can get them from ??20 new), mattresses (mil in bought), bouncy chair ??30, pushair/pram ??120 (bargain, we lived in belgium at the time, but only 10mins away from holland where it was much cheaper so nipped across and got it and saved ourselves at least ??150) and about 50% of his clothes (mainly from asda,primark and tesco, or bought for us)....the rest has been either given or bought second hand, car seats shld be brand new, unless u know exactly where they came from and can guarantee they have not been in any accidents, our carseat was my brothers for his youngest, so i knew it was safe and that it was relatively new so met all standards etc. for the next baby obviously we still have all of ds stuff, btu we will be buyng new mattresses and i wld like to get a crib too, will mean baby can stay in our room longer, as will be sharing with ds and won't be able to put them together if lo doesn't sleep thru yet....we got a fab activity roundabout station thing (the round things they stand in the middle of) from ebay for a grand total of ??3!!! utter bargain, as the very same one is ??45 in the toyshops now, was lucky it was pick up only and obv no one else in our area wanted it lol. when he was born too, he was a lot smaller than we had anticipated and newborn swamped him but like most we hadn't bought anything smaller than that, luckily our neighbour had had two boys of similar birth weights so gave us a bag full of tiny baby clothes, life saver, and then when 3 months later a friend of mine had a dinky 5lb baby we passed them onto her....

    hth xx
  • with our son we bought everything new and still have alot of his things, kept his travel system, he's still in his cot bed and can move on to a single bed if we ever have a second, we kept his best baby clothes and passed the others on. If we are lucky enough to have a second i wouldn't hesitate to buy a second hand moses basket or boucy chair etc, they are literally in them for a matter of weeks.

    Plus lots of my friends have babies so im sure there would be lots of hand me downs or items that they want to sell if / when the time comes.
  • when we had lo i bought a big walking pram 2nd hand and got a new buggy for the car. spent out on a cotbed and glad we did coz lo is still using it as a bed and it was well worth the money. my swinging crib has been handed down through family which i think is lovely and i was also lucky enough to be given lots of clothes by a family member. when we get our 2nd bfp we will use most of the stuff from lo again just need to buy a few bits and bobs.xxxxxxxxxx
  • G/C to say I found this today.......its gorgeous and I want to buy it now!!


    They also have I love daddy one too.

    I was just browsing NEXT baby section he he xx :lol:

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  • Ooooh SparklingDiamond you little...... Ahhh so cute, and a bargain!
    I have seen this in mothercare! -

    I have to admit that I get the mothercare, mamas and papas, babies r us catalogues! But hey, its research!!! lol
  • Just a quick one as i need to go entertain my duaghter. But as no-opne has mentined it, try freecycle. you can get some great second hand stuff which is better quality. Our cotbed came from freecycle, theres a few little scratches and that was it. Saved us money big time and it will last for ages.
    Dont buy clothes as you will get plenty when then lo is born, i literally brought a packet of babygrows and a pack of vests. She had lenty of clothes up until 6-9months.
    TKmaxx also sell bouncing chairs and a cheaper price.

    Do plenty of research for the cheapest one and check the reviews.. I used to have tables in a word doc and compare items and the prcies, it definately saved me money
  • Mrs Allen - so cute!!! not helping my broodiness tho he he!! Hoping I get our BFP this month.

    Joey08 - thanks for the tips hun, will be doing as much research and bargain hunting I can find once I get my BFP until then its look but dont touch!!

  • I'm likely to get loads of 2nd hand stuff as most of it is like new anyway. I don't mind tbh

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