let the guessing begin??? please advise

Ok, I am going crazy with these opk strips- just tested and........i'm pretty sure it is a positive- the two lines showed up fast- and the test line is darker than the control but it is "a half-line" does that make sense? the left side of the test line is very dark- i am def in the window and the lines over the last 2 days have gotten darker. should I count this as my +opk???? wish i could put a pic up? not sure how to do that/

any advice?

ahhhhhh........the craziness of ttc!!!!!


  • hi hun, yes, it sounds like a positive opk, when the test lin eis equal or darker than the control line it is positive. it sounds like your LH surge is or already happening, so enjoy b'ding! xxxx
  • They say from when u get the positive (which id say u have gotten), you OV 12-36 hours after.... so will prob OV tomorrow at some point....

    Good Luck

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