CM...sorry if tmi!

AF due today but have got lots of clear stringy cm (sorry tmi) but I am new to all of this and just wondered if anyone could shed some light on what it sould be like? or what this means? xx


  • Hi there

    I was always told and read that just before AF most women are dry but this month I had like wet cm and loads of it and still come on so I guess I would say each women is really different and it could be a sign either way

    Best of luck

    K xx
  • I am normally dry but we will see!! Fingers crossed! xx
  • Yeah I always use to be dry honey that why last month I was soo excited that I had more cm but I still came on. This could be a very good sign for you though so I reall do keep my fingers crossed for you

    K xx
  • it could be a good sign. when i got my bfp i kept running to the loo as i felt more "wet" than normal and was convinced it was going to be red when i checked but it wasn't.
    when are you going to test? good luck! xxx
  • not too sure when to test really! just trying not be too impatient! haha x
  • well if ur due 2day and it hasne arrived then u could test!!!!
    go on just do it, iv its neg and still no af the leave a couple of days and test again!!!
  • They say the best day to test is 4 days after AF due - but that doesn't guarantee anything - I am 8 days late now! like melissa said - maybe do a test tomorrow and if BFN then do another one a couple of days later or so - good luck xx
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