Ok, so I have been a member on BE for over 18 months now, mainly lurking on pregnancy, baby, toddler and the Due In forums, mainly because i'm broody but also because I'm plain boody nosy!! :roll:
I am 28 and already have two children DD has just turned 5 and DS is coming up 3 and 1/2, have been wanting to try for our third for a long time but circumstances have simply not allowed, what with problems with accomodation and mine and hubbys jobs, long stories but all to do with the recession. Anyways, things have sorted themselves out and we have decided to go for it, image so after next AF we will be officially trying!! I'm kind of excited but also very nervous! I came off the pill back in October and have had cycles between 23 and 29 days long (although always used to be bang on 28 - never any variation) it was somthing I was dreading as only on the pill due to horrendous AF pains, however I have now worked myself into a state thinking there's something wrong with me and maybe it won't be as easy for us this time as I have no pain! I know, I should just be greatful! image
Anyways thats enough about me and probably way TMI for just introducing myself but looking forward to getting to know you all and joining some of you (hopefully) in a due in forum, although I'm afraid I will still be loitering everywhere else, too! :lol:
mBm xx


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