Hello think am back in limbo again :o



  • Hi hon, when I fell with my first I had a light af in the jan and it wasn't until af went walkabout in feb that I realised I was pregnant. I was horribly bloated all the time, had massively sore boobs (blamed my matress for that!), irritable etc but just didnt think it was a BFP because of having the af, didnt think that it had been so rediculously light it didnt count.

    So when I tested I would actually have been 7 weeks preg, and even then my line was very faint (not fmu). Took 3 tests & trip to doc to convince me I was pregnant! So it could still be a BFP that doesn't want to show up.

    I had a minor bleed a couple of weeks later and thought I'd mc'd, scan showed bean was healthy and realised the error in my dates - I had a second bleed & was rushed to hospital to have mc confirmed, but to our surprise bean was still there and healthy and I have a 15 month old son now. So as soniamc says bleeds dont mean mc. I've had a mc early in preg before and it HURTS. Very heavy bleeding, severe cramps, the works, so my fingers are tightly crossed that this isn't a mc and is your BFP for a very shy bean.

    So hope you get the result you want sweetheart, I really do. It sucks that this is going on so long for you. Sorry, feeling very over-emotional tonight!! Huge hugs to everybody!!! xx
  • Thanks ladies maybe there will be light at the end of this tunnel or maybe even a shy beanie that would be fantastic.

    Thanks Garfield hun and a super huge hug back, hope you get your BFP soon hun and thanks for the words of encouragement.

    Fingers crossed that I will know sometime soon whats going on xx
  • hey SD- i just hope things work out for you and you at least know whats going on. I cant imagine how hard it is for you.

    lots of hugs.
    x x x
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