Hey ladies,

well tomorrow is cd6 for me and i get to start poas for my cbfm,

my question is with FMU, if u need the loo in the middle of the night, when do u ladies have ur cut off point to collect? say for instance u need a wee at 2am, would u collect it or wait till u get up? but if u wake at 4am, its 2 hours closer to get up time so ur wee maynot be as concertrated, when u eventually get up?



  • if i pee in the 3 hour window i would just do it then, so mine is set for 8am so i can use it to test from 5am, if i get up for a pee before then i wouldnt bother x
  • Hehe, I'm glad you asked this question because i thought the same but didnt wanna ask cos thought it was quite ocd of me!! hehe
  • ha ha, im thinking if i need to wee after 4:30 i will wee in a pot and test when i get up, i read somewhere it takes 3 hours of sleep for the hormones to get re-concerntrated in ur wee.
    i work shifts so when im on my earlies it wont be a prob image
  • The things we have to do!! That's interesting about the 3 hours to re-concentrate. Thanks for info
  • i know! lol, men have it so easy image xx
  • I cant wait till the morning hehe, Im gonna go to bed early, like in a minute so i dont wee in the middle of the night!
    Im on early shift too and gotta rush it, so bet i do it wrong!

    Have fun POAS kels! hehe

  • ha ha u to hunni image ill prob need a tenna lady when i get my first high, im thats excited image lmao xx
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