af not turned up, but feels like it should!

I came off the pill a month ago so this is my first 'cycle'. I'm normally clockwork, pill or no pill. I predicted, in my normal 28 day cycle that i should've come on overnight, no af today, but ALL day I have felt like I do on day 1 of af, cramping, dull ache, tired etc. no blood just alot of white cm (sorry!!)

I want to wait a few days until i test if it doesn't arrive so I know it will be more likely to show a positive if I am. I know it can take a while for af to show naturally when coming off the pill, and as I have no other symptoms such as sore boobs etc I want to wait a little longer. Its unusual as I've never had this before!!

Has anyone else that has had a positive result had af symptoms when due on and then no show??:\?


  • I babe I came off the pill about 4 weeks ago and am due my first real period this friday. I think it will just take some time to come and I do not normally feel hpw I do just before I am due on my boobs only today in fact have got fuller but are not really sore at all and normally a week and a bit I have very painful boobs.

    I have heard though that some women did get the BFP just after they finished the pill image So fingers crossed for you image

    K xx
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