ok girls when do i test. my cycle has always been around 28days on and off the pill. imon cd17 today. ive just seen the test list for aug but wander if i should be on the test list for july. do i work it 28days from my af started . im a bit confused sorry.xx:\?


  • you count your first day of your period (full flow) as CD1, so the end of your cycle would be on CD28, and your next AF would be due on the equivalent of CD29(next month's CD1) if that makes sense. So technically you are late if no AF on CD28.
    does this help? hope i haven't confused you! xxx
  • no you havent thank you it does help. that does mean i will be testing july if af doesnt arrive.
  • i think so yes - i'm on CD20, taking it as a 28 day cycle, and my AF is due to turn up on Friday 18th, so if no AF i would be testing then. So I figure if you are on CD17 AF is due 21st so test around then?


  • Good luck to you both! fingers crossed for a couple more July bfp's xx
  • thanks babybump4. mrs e. let me know how you get on. probably one more bd then it just a matter of waiting. this is the worst bit.lol
  • my cycles are still getting back to normal but going off my last one i am now on cd 16 and due to test on the 22nd x


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